Monday, July 02, 2012

a name and a blessing

on sunday, thomas was able to name and bless athena blythe in church. both my mother and thomas' mother were able to come out for the event.
could the big kids be any less photogenic? really. it looks like they were asked whether they would rather have nails shoved up their noses or take some family pictures and they VERY reluctantly chose family pictures. they take after their father in that regard.

the blessing was so lovely. she was blessed with so many wonderful things and i felt so strongly that the words of the blessing were really for her. i tried to write down as much as possible and i felt very strongly impressed by the Spirit when thomas blessed her with the ability to be fearless in standing for righteousness. it reminded me of how much i need to be dedicated to the gospel so that i can teach her to be fearless about righteousness. 

 i think the one of the most incredible and humbling aspects of parenthood is knowing that i have a Heavenly Father who wants me to pray to Him for guidance. He loves me and has blessed me with a wonderful family and He wants to guide me in loving and raising my children. the best parenting advice i ever got was to pray for forgiveness each night. each day i make mistakes(and yell. a lot.) but Our Father wants me to keep trying. 
how can i not want to try harder each day when i look at that perfect face? (athena blythe, not me.)


Erin said...

Athena is so pretty, Heidi! My husband blessed Sicily yesterday too...twinsies!!! Next thing you know they'll be randomly assigned as roommates at BYU their freshman year ;)

Emily Curfew said...

beautiful heidi. you are so right... praying daily for forgiveness and giving us strength to keep on... You all look wonderful and happy (except the two big kids!! hahaha ) jk

HJolley said...

I am just like the two big kids. I hate taking photos! It's like when you hear a recording of your own voice. You think--do I really sound like that? That's fam pic time for me. Do I really look like that?