Friday, July 13, 2012

the big kids

the gruesome twosome have a new nomenclature in our home: 

scarlett and reagan are now THE BIG KIDS, whereas before they were just the kids playing around and fighting and making messes, now it's the BIG KIDS doing those things. i'm glad they have each other, because now more than ever they need to fend for themselves for food and entertainment. their latest game is called "moving". it's as bad as it sounds. they take a bunch of junk from scarlett's room down the hall and load it into random boxes and wrap it in blankets and push it to reagan's room. and then they leave it scattered and half unpacked all over the place for the next 2 months like a real move. it's quite realistic.
the only part of the game they haven't gotten to yet is the BONUS ROUND. the part of moving where you stay up until the wee hours of the morning packing boxes and wondering why you have a bunch of junk that you hardly use or haven't even seen since the last time you moved. then you start the swearing in your head. at least you hope the swearing is only in your head. the next morning after 3 hours of sleep you don't shower and you don't reapply deodorant(because you packed that last night in a box with a bunch of christmas ornaments, of course)and spend the day sweating and cleaning and loading a moving van and using muscles only meant to be used while competing in the olympics and wearing a singlet. 
the BIG KIDS definitely haven't gotten to that part of the "moving" game. 

so, today after a few chaotic games of moving we spent 3 hours cleaning up 2 bedrooms. one bedroom which isn't even used for sleeping because a certain little girl prefers to sleep in her brother's room. 

this was the end result.
i had to take a picture to prove it really happened for posterity.
(it's amazing the splatters you can find on walls, even when food and drink aren't allowed out of the kitchen.)

and the stink eye from both of the BIG KIDS when i wanted to document how cute it is that they choose to share the bunk beds in reagan's room.


Sarah said...

my girls have a similar version of "moving" that they play. in fact, it's the only thing they know how to play...scatter junk all over the house and make sure nothing is where it belongs! haha so cute that they like to sleep in the same room. what cute little buddies!

HJolley said...

What a perfect description of moving. I especially enjoyed your commentary on the deodorant being in the same box as the Christmas lights. I often feel like there are more boxed labeled "misc." at the end of a move than any valid room label.

Steph said...

Looked awesome when you were done! We have a similar game at our house called "trash truck", it unfortunately gets played EVERY Friday when inspiration (in the form of a trash truck sighting outside) strikes. Have I mentioned I HATE that game?!? I feel your pain! At least your big kids like each other! What's your secret?