Friday, December 02, 2011

fanx givng

fanx givng has come and gone. we had a 24 hour long trip to waycross. we fit in as much as humanly possible in an inhuman amount of time. including a nap in a movie theater(me, to no one's surprise!), rides in a camouflage golf cart scouting out deer on the farm and 2 vomits by 2 kids. as an added bonus, one vomit was in the car!!! excessive exclamation point celebration!!! i can't wait to be dead so that i can take a break from a few things. 

thomas celebrated the holiday by dismantling the alarm system at the place we were staying. we arrived at 1230 at night and by 130am the alarm system beeping every 60 seconds was less than charming. thomas has a future in cat burglary,except for the walking quietly part. he snipped just the right wires. i couldn't have been  prouder. it was a very non-violent act when we both had quite violent emotions toward the control panel. score one for for dr. martin luther king and nonviolence!

the kids always enjoy their brief doses of farm life. 

less enjoyable was the time we spent collecting pecans(pronounced pee-cains) in the orchard. (FYI-pecans grow on trees. big machines come and shake the trees and cause the pecans to fall to the ground. other machines collect the pecans from the ground. then whatever is left is collected by people with tools that resemble raffle ticket drums. i am surprised that there isn't some group of tree huggers protesting the tree shaking because it causes emotional tree trauma.)

the kids were helpful for about 5 minutes and then the adult were left with the bulk of the work. what good are kids if they can't complete simple yard work tasks?

a personal disaster for me was waking up the day after thanksgiving and discovering that my left contact lens had ripped in half. to pour salt in the wound, i had also forgotten to pack my glasses. i am worthless without either of those items because my vision is so bad. fortunately, the waycross walmart vision center was able to contact my eye doctor and supply me with an emergency contact lens. at first the employee sort of rolled her eyes at my request but once she got the fax with my prescription her eyes popped out of her head at my utter blindness. and she also witnessed me run into a few things around the optical.  if pity equals helpfulness, i'll take it. crisis averted.

a personal highlight for thomas and me was spying this van equipped with a running toilet and swamp cooler. i bet that's a fun combination on a hot day in southeast georgia. 

a gastronomic delight was our lunch at jerry js. if ever you are feeling too good about how your pants fit and the health of your heart, head here and order the texas backyard burger. delicious. after your meal, if you sit quietly enough, you can actually hear your arteries hardening. 

finally. if you look closely enough, there is a family in this picture.
our christmas card will most likely not have an accompanying photo. we have taken NUMEROUS on SEVERAL occasions and we are just not a photogenic family. i think the slightly out of focus, very far away, bad lighting look is our best option. artsy. 


Julie said...

Still wishing I had some pee-cans!

Will and Natalie Giddens said...

I'm sad there aren't more comments on this post. I've had the pleasure of reading it twice today (once in the morning and once just before bedtime) and each time it has brought me nothing but joy and laughter.

Emily Curfew said...

I think a family picture in front of the walmart would have been nice too

Meredith said...

I just have to say that I cannot get over how big Scarlett is getting. She is so adorable!