Tuesday, November 22, 2011

appreciation is in the air tonight

1. i'm thankful for garbage bag turkey costumes. made by someone else.
2. a husband who consistently says, "oh her? she's totally ugly."
3. antibiotics.
4. food tasting good again.

5. 75 degree fall days. 
6. reagan's sense of humor.
7. scarlett's enthusiasm for life.

8. phil collins. in the air tonight. that song is almost as old(young) as me. still love it. 
9. will arnett on "up all night". 
10. kids that don't mind playing in gigantic piles of leaves. that may or may not have mushrooms growing on dog poop in them. ignorance is bliss.
11. running again. even if it's only on a treadmill. 

12. increasing numbers
13. face wash with little granules for scrubbing.

14. the baby's room. it's completely empty and therefore always clean. sometimes i just stand at the door and stare. i don't ever want to put furniture in there. or a baby. mess makers. 

15. my young women at church. i love love love them. 
16. my kid's teachers at church. i love love love them. 
17. long-running jokes. or jokes in general. i can joke about anything. often at inappropriate times. it's a gift. 

1 comment:

Rachel said...

I just got the title tie in with Phil's song. I have been on a Phil kick via Rhapsody lately.
I like your list. We might or might not have a similar pile of leaves in our backyard.
I appreciate your blog.