Sunday, July 31, 2011

reagan is going to college next friday

reagan gave a talk today in primary. it was about the importance of the temple being the house of the Lord. we wrote it together(ish). he wasn't that keen on the idea but he certainly enjoyed talking into the microphone. he acted like he couldn't read but when he saw me coming to help and not someone more sympathetic, he told me(with a smile) "go away" and "don't look at me." that's the kind of special, close relationship we have. he knows that i am the enforcer. the literacy enforcer!

i'm just glad he did it. i'm pretty keen on kids learning about the gospel of Jesus Christ at a young age. it's one of my things.

plus, he's such a handsome little boy.

he already reminds me all the time that he is going to college next friday. (it's a toy story 3 thing.)


Emily Curfew said...

he's a mini thomas!

Elizabeth said...

He really is super handsome, and I echo Emily, looks SO much like Thomas.

Jess said...

my goodness, he is growing up so quickly!! looks just like his daddy!!

Jeppson Clan said...

Love it. He looks so big! It won't be long til they are going off to college "on friday." p.s. Don't fall over dead, but I'm going to read GWTW. Shocking I know.

Jenna said...

What a great talk! I needed to reminder about running & jumping in the temple. I am hoping to go their someday (soon)!