Sunday, July 24, 2011

35 so i know you're alive

thomas turned 35. we love him anyway. for a celebration he said he wanted a meat tornado a la ron swanson from parks and recreation.

i couldn't really find a recipe, though my searching was thorough, so i made something up. it's a pizza with black beans and mexicorn(because i like those things) with a spicy beef and cream cheese compote layered on a bed of barbeque sauce and a fluffy crust. it's the 2nd best thing i have ever made. (next time i may add caramelized onions and cilantro. who knows!? living on the edge when we're 30something!)

the 1st best thing i have ever made was thomas' extra special oreo birthday cake. it's ugly and sloppy, because that's my style, but it tastes like heaven on earth. i'm not an oreo fan, but i love oreos in ice cream or smushed into a cake. this cake is bomb dot com. it was almost like it was my birthday.

we also celebrated by trying to teach the kids about he-man. they weren't that into it. thomas and i loved it. it was funny and nostaligic. the animation was like watching somebody's coloring book on tv.

but scarlett the total tv junkie totally got into the transformers movie. she decided that she likes optimus prime the best but wondered where bumblebee's mother was.
the end.


Will and Natalie Giddens said...

WHAT?!?! No one's posted on this beauty yet? How is that possible?

1) That meal TOTALLY looks like a meat tornado. I'd say you delivered on that birthday request.

2) Everett is quite taken with Transformers as well. As in the recent Shia LeBeouf (?) movie. He literally screams out loud if he thinks we skip over it when it's on TV and he's constantly asking if we can watch the DVD (the answer's always no). I wonder what it is about the live-action movie that appeals to the 3-5 year old set? The cartoon, I get. But the movie? Odd.

3) That cake looks awesome! Will's an Oreo fan. And his birthday's in 2 weeks. Hmm...

4) I can't believe Thomas is 35. Aren't we all still in college and he's like what? 26?

modernmom said...

How ironic! I am not an oreo fan either (except in ice cream)....
I think your cake is beautiful! :)

Paula said...

L-O-V-E Ron Swanson and Parks and Rec. I am so excited for it to come back on. Happy (belated) Birthday Big-T!