Sunday, June 12, 2011

the most exhausting week of my life

or, the first week of summer break 2011.

in one week, we've been downtown to the fountain.

(ps. if you've ever wanted to visit us, this is the time. plenty of snakes to herp, stank teeth to cavitron, civil war sites to observe, art to feel artsy about, rivers and lakes to tube or whitewater raft, moutains to hike, carolina vinegar and mustard-based barbecue to digest, skeeters to swat, SEC football to worship and a temple to boot. start planning your trips and booking your 15 passenger vans.)

 after the fountain we mosey-ed over to a delightful park located under an overpass.

how great is this picture? he tolerates me but he adores his sister.

we've been swimming 3 times.

this is my watch tan:

we made the mistake of going to the park, doing a nature walk and having a picnic on a nearly 100 degree day. that's a recipe for familial disaster. the swings burned our bums, the geese chased us for our lunches, and the bugs really are bigger down below the mason dixon. that's why there are so many registered handgun users here.

 we initiated sergeant simpson's summer school. i really dislike dumb kids so we've been having school time everyday. it's been a hit. the m&m part that is.

we slipped and slided for about 15 minutes and came to the conclusion that bruising is just not worth using proper technique.

i collapsed into bed each night. only 9 more weeks until school resumes.


Jess said...

i am feeling ya!! I have enrolled my kids in every summer camp and vacation bible school available!!!! We're also part of the summer reading program at the library, the twins are on the swim team 3 days a week, and cousins are here this week to visit.
Busy kids = sane mama

Angie said...

I'm exhausted too. We did a million things the first week of summer and then I looked around my house and saw that no one had done the laundry, dishes, etc while we were out having a great time. It looks like you're having fun. It's just as hot here too.

Sydney said...

haha! I was saying that MY domestic skills are an embarrassment! :)

P.S. YOU are stunning!