Thursday, June 30, 2011

birthday party 101

 i think thomas and i have finally mastered the art of throwing a child's birthday party. we didn't have a single squabble about anything when prepping for scarlett's 4th shindig. it was a new record. what i've learned:
1. don't make anything. buy everything. those little water bottles with special labels are cute but completely unneccesary. especially if you can hardly wield a glue gun and craft stores are your nemesis.
2. everyone loves a pinata. it's that primal urge to beat things and be rewarded for it.
3. have a swim party. no other games or activities are neccesary.

i was feeling so magnanimous that i even let scarlett pick out what she wanted for her party. no interference from me. so it was a pink/hello kitty/princess party/hawaiian lei. i gagged a little because of my aversion to princesses but she was so happy that i was happy. and i did have ultimate creative control.
we rented our pool social hall(storage closet):

we invited all our besties:

i ordered a cake from my special top secret bakery(costco):
i was a little embarassed when one of our little friends read the cake and told her dad there was a bad word on it. i forgot kids could read.

not everyone minded though. miss holly enjoyed her piece of cake.

and thanks to the cake, i didn't have to cook very much on sunday.

fun was had by all.

scarlett especially enjoyed the gift opening portion of the afternoon.

on her actual day of birth we opened presents. our family tradition has become that we open some presents at breakfast. scarlett even wore the same hand me down pajamas from birthday 2010.

birthday 2010 at breakfast:

i dressed up for the occasion too.

and then we went downtown to have lunch with daddy and we also enjoyed a gourmet cupcake shoppe.

the cupcakes were overrated but the company was not.


Jessica said...

hahahhaha. i love your insights into party planning! it looks like it was a super fun party so clearly you are on to something. hahaha. i LOVED the cake. it is such a shame when kids learn to read. hahahahaha.

(p.s. the word verification right now is "droll" -- i don't know why but i got the biggest kick out of that...)

Katy said...

That is the best child's birthday cake I have ever seen.

Emily Curfew said...

damn, that's a good lookin' party.

Wenni Donna said...

What a cool birthday party! Happy to know about my cousin's promotion. Also organizing a party at one of the centrally located event space San Francisco next week. Want to celebrate her big achievement with dear ones. Ordered a cake and bouquet for the proud girl. Also looking for some motivational gift ideas.