Monday, May 09, 2011

happy monster's day

mother's day has come and gone
it was a memorable one
i enjoy being a mom
my kids and husband are the bomb

scarlett had a mother's day program at her school.

she made mother's day especially memorable this year with her heartfelt sentiments:
my mom is 4 years old (close)
her favorite color is pink (i think she meant black)
her favorite food is carrot and tomatoes (they both rank pretty high)her favorite thing to watch on tv is marrying (i do enjoy "say yes to the dress")
if i could buy my mom a present i would buy a barbie doll (i'd like the peaches n' cream one)
my favorite thing to do with my mom is play (safe answer)
what does my mom look like? a monster (awesome, parenting through fear is working)

and we went to a fun park to commemorate how much fun parenting is.

for my mama:

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Carie said...

Scarlett is the most adorable thing ever, you Monster you.