Monday, May 02, 2011


the week i turned 31:

on thursday, the day of my momentous birth i got up at 5:45 to fit in two workouts. i am always trying to pack too many activities on my birthday, as if this is the year i will be super organized and i will shuffle off my coil of sloth and procrastination. so, while i did work out twice, i was super tired all day too. and i did eat twice as much ice cream and brownies too. because i am 31 and i am the master of my own destiny.

my favorite picture of the day:

i did get some high brow reading out of the way too.

my birthday coincided with the nfl draft. reagan showed our aj green support(he was the #4 pick) on nfl draft day. i'm such a wonderful, selfless wife that thomas and i actually watched the draft live on thursday night. on MY birthday. how magnanimous of me.

i also spent a lot of time thursday watching the news, contacting alabama friends and trolling for updates on the aftermath of the tornado that destroyed parts of my beloved adopted hometown of tuscaloosa, alabama.

what's left of hobby lobby and full moon barbeque:
 it was heartbreaking to see. the full moon barbeque building that was completely destroyed used to house the poppa's college custard that thomas and i frequented when i was pregnant with reagan. i owe most of my baby weight to their oreo fudge brownie sundae. the krispy kreme that was destroyed was where i sometimes would buy doughnuts for my seminary students. the washington mutual finance office i worked at was a few blocks from the 15th street and macfarland intersection that the tornado tore down. for that reason, it was a very sad birthday.

saturday, thomas surprised me with new wheels. i am the terror of the neighborhood. now i can not only yell at speeding teenagers(and sometimes their parents), i can chase them down on my bike.

and on sunday, this is how we survived stake conference. we sat in the relief society room by ourselves:
it worked. the kids were reverent-ish. we were able to listen to the speakers. apparently sitting by other people is the problem.

and after conference, we ate more cake. i'm not sure what is going on here. but my triple layer red velvet brownie cake was especially delicious.
and then as a special treat, osama bin laden was killed last night. thomas really knows how to go all out.
happy birfday to me.


Jessica said...

hahaha. love the last picture. and sitting in a separate room -- isolated and alone -- for stake conference is brilliant. we'll have try that next time around. and what's with the new bike?? are you training for triathlon or something? you go girl! happy 31st!

HJolley said...

Happy Birthday to the best sister I know. I wish I could give you a birthday cake made out of a brick and pink paint. Haha, I kid.

Love you so much!

Jess said...

i love the picture of the neighbor checking out the "crazy lady with new bike"....and we've done the sitting in the separate room during conference thing a million times.

The High Family- said...

I think that stake conference should be optional for people with children. Seriously. All the people without kids would appreciate the silence. Anyway, you are fabulous and I really wish you could come to my house and put outfits together for me. Not kidding.