Sunday, December 26, 2010

dixieland delight

because of our neverending flu battle, my 25 days of christmas had to condensed and edited. which is a crying in the night shame because i was REALLY trying to create some great memories. i was able to eek out a few more christmas-y activities before the big day, but some days it was a bit of a stretch.

-picked out new ornaments for our tree
-watched it's a wonderful life
-watched the family man(my fave to watch with thomas, proof it's possible for new jersey to be romantical)
-watched christmas vacation(not my favorite)
-hid thomas' present in various locations around the house
-coached the kids to tell thomas that he was getting new shoes for christmas(though he wasn't. sneaky sneaky)
- drove to georgia without a single throwing up incident
- made red velvet pancakes(like heaven for breakfast)
- went running on christmas morning to break in my new sneaks. it was so fun to run and see what other families were doing on christmas morning
- played family football with thomas' dad.
- braved the mall on christmas eve eve

and just enjoyed being together as a family. which is always the best part. we especially enjoyed pretending to be farmers at thomas' mom's house. but cows really stink.
*bright eyed and bushy tailed.
*red velvet cake on christmas morning. not to be confused with red velvet pancakes the weekend before.
*FINALLY! i can stop hearing about the zhu zhu pet pizza shop.
*winter in southern georgia. we narrowly missed the snowstorm in south carolina.
*scarlett actually told me that morning that my prickly legs were hurting her when she brushed up against me. lucky thomas.
*barnyard couture

merry christmas


Jessica said...

barnyard couture -- hahaha. love it. and i also loved the line about lucky thomas. and seriously, what is the deal with zhu zhu pets???? hope you're have a fun and merry christmas!!

The High Family- said...

Love the pic on the tractor! Priceless. What is with zhu zhu pets? my mom bought the boys some and they love them. We might as well just live in filth and have little rodents run around, basically the same thing.

Oh ya, so this FABULOUS girl sent my little lady the sweetest gifts. Really did bring a tear to my eye. Was telling my friends about you and how they aren't as lucky as me since they don't know you. Thanks again! You're the best.

Caroline said...

I can not believe you went running on Christmas morning! Now that's dedication!