Monday, August 16, 2010

beef jerky picnic

first day of kindergarten ever for reagan. the first day of 18 years of a cruel trick. it was hard to be excited to send reagan to school because he really is a nice, easy kid. i cried upon drop off but otherwise it was a good clean break.

the final walk...

so presh that i could eat a stuffed animal.

adios. like he didn't even need me.
one thing that was chancey was what reagan was going to look like as he left for school. we had a lot of this glasses/villain moustache/laser arms look this past weekend:

a closey.

and then after i dropped reagan off, i asked scarlett what she wanted to do for fun today and she said "a beef jerky picnic."
and so we did.

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Rachel said...

Beef Jerky Picnic! My fave! You are too cute. I love the pic of Regan all decorated! I can't believe he's in kindergarten! In honor of my mom you should pick him up from school in your housedress and with Meatball in your lap. :)