Monday, June 08, 2009

i came, i ran, i conquered!

"exercise releases endorphins, endorphins make you happy, happy people don't kill their husbands. they just don't." elle woods

thomas is safe for a little while longer.

it's a little hard for me to believe that the task that i have been training for for months and months is finally over. on saturday i ran in the 36th annual hospital hill run. the grandfather of all kansas city road races. hospital hill is famous for it's gratutious use of hills during the course of the race and this year was no exception. the website proudly proclaims that "trinity hill is back fo 2009". i wasn't that excited when i got to trinity hill.

i am still a bit in shock that i did it. i am not athletic. i have no natural physical inclination to speed unless it involves inhaling tacos or elbowing someone out of the way at a good sale. it probably sounds silly, but training for this event was exhilirating, fulfilling, overwhelming, daunting and incredibly spiritually rewarding experience. i feel like i was finally discovering untapped potential in myself. my goal for this race was simple; just don't stop running. EVER. i developed a mantra as i was running, "i can do hard things." i repeated this over and over until i really believed it. it's what got me through. when you are training for a race, you have plenty of time to think. i thought about all sorts of stuff, future goals, my family, clothes, alternate endings to gone with the wind, church, old friends, past decisions. that much personal contemplation leads to a few realizations. for instance, it's a reallyreally bad idea to eat a bowl of frosted mini wheats before a long run. the biggest lesson i learned through all my thinking time was that running is more of a mental exercise than anything else. the days that i got up all excited to run could easily turn disastrous if i didn't keep a positive mental attitude and a belief that i could accomplish any task placed in front of me. my body was in shape for the race months ago, my mind was a constant battle. I CAN DO HARD THINGS!

oh sweet victory!

my official time was 2 hours 10 minutes and 7 seconds.

the aftermath:
i had to use to the stroller to stretch my calves.

the puddles of blood in my shoes were a bit of a surprise. i had never had my feet bleed like that before in any of my races or long runs whilst training. needless to say i think those shoes are going to be retired. i was a vampire's dream come true.

race highlights-

for about a mile i ran next to a man wearing a long red cape and a wrestler's mask. he was also wearing the second tightest shorts of the race.

at around mile 7, the tightest shorts of the entire race ran past me. and he was visibly wearing women's underwear. runners are strange people.

around mile 5 there was a man standing on the sidelines wearing a tennessee football t-shirt. i got his attention and then shouted as loud as i could, ROLL TIDE!!! the look on his face sustained me through the next few miles.

a kind lady at mile 11 was passing out cold green grapes. normally i find green grapes more than a touch distasteful, but that handful of grapes tasted like manna from heaven. i will never snub green grapes again.

a special thanks to-

my dear husband who supported and loved me throughout the entire ordeal. and an extra special thanks for putting up with my restless legs all night long, me falling asleep on the couch at 9pm every night, and my sweat saturated stinky gym clothes smelling up our closet. and especially thank you for your wonderful face at the finish line. that made it all worth it. also, the twilight saga boxed set was a nice surprise.

marci claypot. who planted the dream in my head last year and was a driving force in my mind. you can have your high school running shirt back now. now i really know what it means to need to want it more than it hurts.

my asics running shoes. you made the miles that much more comfortable. and not to mention stylish.

my kids. for patiently waiting for me in the ymca childwatch while i spent way too much time on a treadmill.

the 3rd street hill. you were killer to practice on, but after the 5th major hill of the race i was grateful for the time you and i spent together.

for my many many friends and family members who have listened to me talk non-stop about my "race" or "training" or "yoga". now you all get to listen to me talk non-stop about actually running the race. lucky you.

my ipod. or as you are more affectionately termed, ipood. i could not have done it without you. running in silence is for masochists.

my race day playlist-because you are dying to know...

the entire twilight soundtrack. even for you twihaters, this is a great cd. especially for running.

guns n' roses greatest hits

stone temple pilots greatest hits


roxette- joyride and faded like a flower

christina aguilera- fighter and beautiful

blue october- congratulations and hate me

don't stop believin'- glee cast and journey

cheap trick- the flame

alphaville- forever young

live- i alone

the flys- got you

led zeppelin- kashmir

muse- starlight

earth, wind and fire- september

garth brooks- standing outside the fire

my chemical romance- welcome to the black parade

sugarland- we run

radiohead- 15 step

prince- 7

tears for fears- break it down again

and last but certainly most important

britney spears- stronger


Julianne said...


Well, I have much more respect for you now that you did the Hospital Hill half...seriously, Hospital Hill? I shudder to imagine.

One time I got home from an 8-mile run and found the toes of my left shoe completely dripping with blood. Upon further investigation, I found that, because of my lack of hygeine, a razor-sharp corner of my big toenail had been digging into the flesh of my second toe every time I stepped down. Who knew that so much blood can come from one tiny little digit?

Anyway. I'm so very happy for you.

Jessica said...

i am so proud of you, heidi! you have inspired me. my mantra last year had an extra sentence in it, but it essentially boils down to the same thing -- "i can do this. i can do hard things."

and i laughed out loud about your frosted mini wheats allusion. i SO know what you're talking about.

and perhaps it's just my pregnant body screaming at me to get my regular body back as quickly as possible here, but i think you may have motivated me to run a half marathon next spring.

congrats again!!! anytime you want to talk about how awesome you are for running this race, you can give me a holler.

lrbodine said...

Congrats Heidi! I love when people who don't think they are runners - do these amazing races. And now you have good stories to remember it by!

Will and Natalie Giddens said...

Color me impressed. I'm so proud of you! And I'll bet Big T is glad to know he's got nothing to worry about for while. Great post! I love you!!

Marci said...

Heidi, I am literally fighting back the tears. I am so proud of you and like I told your mom on Sunday night, I wish so bad that I was running that race with you! Promise me that you won't be pregnant next year because I DEFINITELY won't be and I can finally run it with you! You are amazing and an inspiration to me. And by the way, who just runs a 2:10 on her very first half marathon...especially when she claims that she just isn't a runner? I think you need to change your definition of "runner" because clearly you are one!! Love you Heidi!!

Todd said...

You rock.

Sarah said...

i am seriously SO impressed! i was just telling emily i need to find a hobby. i think you've inspired me to give running a try! i like your mantra "i can do hard things". i love that! i think i will borrow it :)

Sarah Beck said...

Congrats Heidi! That's a BIG accomplishment. I have to agree with you. Running is 100% mental stamina. When I trained for the marathon relay I got 3 blood blisters on the tips of my toes, but luckily they calloused up before the race (sorry if that's TMI) I admire you. I still don't think I could to the 1/2 marathon, even though my friend is begging me to...

Jeppson Clan said...

Inspiring to say the least. I'm going to use that mantra for my physical therapy.
Good luck with girls camp!

amanda said...

I am so darn proud of you!

Shanna said...

Congrats!! I'm so impressed. I've never done a half may inspire me to do it. Either way, your playlist inspires me. You are the second person in as many weeks to tell me that the Twilight soundtrack is good. Huh.

Paula said...

Not a runner? PLEASE! I think running under 10 minute miles for 13.1 PLUS the bloody socks and shoes qualifies you to say you are a runner (I am so not there yet). I am so impressed and inspired by you that after this baby I may start training for a half.

I completely agree that running is a mental thing and people who run without music are insane. Way to tap into this potential you have inside and set an example for all of us. Good job!

Barry & Margo Swartz said...

Awesome Heidi!

Merilee said...

I would have to say the bloody shoe picture was inspirational. I am impressed you ran with your foot gushing blood and by the fact you didn't faint, even after losing that entire pint. The proof is in the shoe.

Second, although I have been training to do just this, a half marathon, I am leaving this area a week before the actual race. Since I ran 10 miles last Friday, I know I can do it, but the actual race would be an emotional tide.

You have a great playlist. Running in silence is for masochists. And oooh, a bowl of frosted minis before a half marathon? Yeah, I can feel you.

Livin' Single said...

also, thanks to the girl who gave you an itunes gift certificate--ME!
you are the best runner ever. i am soooo proud of you!

Emily C said...

HEIDI - this was such an INSPIRING post. congrats!! that is a HUGE accomplishment.

Angie said...

Congratulations! That's awesome.

Nicole said...

Congrats Heidi!!! YEAAAAH!!! I can't believe you did it, so awesome!

P.S. I would've definitely put Britney Spears on my list as well.

Nicole said...

I read nicole comment above mine and had to make sure it wasn't me! ;) haha! I am SOOOOOOO proud of you and ouch to the feet. Yikes girl! YOu have really outdone yourself and surely me!!! YOua re definitly awesome! ANd hear hear to Britney!!! And I SO hear ya about the miniwheats thing...I know what's up! ;)

Mink News said...

I have been out of the blog world for a long time, and every time I come back to read your blog, I love it! But Congrats on the race! I think it is so fun you have been running so much. Way to conquer the hills! You are so funny!