Monday, February 09, 2009

weekend with a side of sickness, hold the phlegm please.

thursday- time for scarlett's 18 month pictures, since she is now 19 months. whatever works, right?
i wanted to surprise big T for valentine's day with a picture of his two girls. SURPRISE! we are both sick. thankfully hacking and coughing all over the place photographs really well and we pull it together for two good pictures. even the photographer couldn't convince herself to try and sell us the other poses. i think the words "hot mess" were used.

friday-big T and i celebrate valentine's day early. i actually prefer to NOT go out on valentine's. all our favorite places are overrun by making-out junior high kids. perhaps it's time to abandon the fast food places? we settled on culvers. we love it. great burgers. great fries. DELISH ice cream products. plus we had multiple coupons. they let you use as many as you want at a time. ideal for cheapskates like us.

who's got two thumbs and loves culvers?

this guy!!!

i got the bleu cheeseburger and big T got the double butter burger. i love bleu cheese. in fact, during no junk month january i found myself eating spoonful by fantastic moldy spoonful for mid afternoon snacks. what's that sound you hear? just our arteries clogging. you can actually hear us getting fatter.

dessert was chocolate brownie oreo concretes. size medium, thanks.

then we headed out to the picture show and saw taken. totally loved it. i was thinking lamesauce, but it was awesome sauce. plus, the theater was empty enough that i could sniffle and snot all i wanted and no one complained. saturday-had lunch with my madre(pardon my corpse-like complexion)

and then we went to the nelly don house for a tour benefitting the kansas city symphony. because we are classy like that.

and then we met up with my sister at coldstone to celebrate! heather had taken the lsat that morning. this was her impression of the over-achiever who sat next to her and finished every section 20 minutes before everyone else.

feeling right at home with the ice cream menu.

sunday-went to church and spoke in sacrament meeting. i may or may not have inadvertently claimed that moses wanted to sacrifice his son on an altar. i blame it on the cold medicine.
after church the whole fam damily watched gifted hands: the ben carson story. i love made-for-tv-movies and i bawled my face off. i am now determined to overcome my middle class upbringing and become a neurosurgeon. or a rapper. which do you think is more plausible? word, that's what i thought too, yo.


amanda said...

I haven't been to a picture show in forever.
Great weekend update. I always smile when I read your blog.
Like this.
(This is where you would look at me and see me smiling if we were actually talking face-to-face.)

Jeppson Clan said...

you are truly so funny! and your talk was wonderful, i could have listened to your medicine overdosed self.

Jeppson Clan said...

all day.
the end.

Julianne said...

Sorry for the sick. Yay for a pre-Valentine's date. Woohoo for Heather doing the LSAT and hilarious impression by her of her fellow LSAT-taker. I love funny pictures and posts.

Rachel said...

We don't have a Culvers, looks like we need one! We do have Coldstone...yumm.
I do wish you would post something everyday, I enjoy the laughs.
That is so interesting about Moses, your mom must have covered that on that ONE day I missed of seminary! ha ha ha.
Oh and your pictures are great!!

Carie said...

I saw Taken this weekend!
I have that same dress!
I spoke in church too!

I haven't had a professional picture of my last 2 children taken. ever. Am I a loser mom?

becky said...

Please mail me a chocolate oreo concrete! PLEASE!

Sorry you've been sick, but you hide it well in pictures. And that's really what counts.

Finally, Ben Carson spoke last year at my work's annual conference. He is cool. Now I feel compelled to scour Lifetime in search of his epic story. When Chris asks why, I'll direct him to you.

Angie said...

Oh we have 4 thumbs up for Culvers! Dave and I went there for our date night last week, and my mom thought I was crazy.

BTW I vote for rapper.

Will and Natalie Giddens said...

Why is it that whenever I read your blog I'm overcome by it's awesomeness and all the funny and incredibly witty things I want to say afterwards, but by the time I get to this point all I can remember to type is "You are so funny. And cool." Talk about lamesauce.

Ok, so here's my attempt to remember everything I was thinking as I read your post...

That's a cute shirt Scarlett has on...I wonder where Heidi got it...I'll bet Heidi planned for her and Scarlett to both be wearing white flowy-ish tops...How does she get her hair like that...I wonder if she just uses a curling iron or maybe something else...I totally agree - restaurants on Valentine's day are a joke, not to mention entirely too crowded...ha, ha, ha, I'll be Thomas LOVED posing for that picture...of course she got the blue cheese burger...double butter, that sounds, I love it when places make you get your own ketchup in little cups...I wonder if Culver's is a franchise and if there are any here in Atlanta...I wish she would've taken a picture of her outfit standing that a black fitted vest she's wearing...Cool, we saw Taken this weekend too and she's right, it WAS totally awesome. I love Liam Neesom...Oh Sandy, she's so cute...nelly don? is that where she had her KC reception? why does that name sound familiar? Oh, what a neat outfit...seriously, where does she get this stuff?...oh Heather, she is so cool!...UNLV, is that where she wants to go to law school...I'll have to ask about that...I can't believe she watched that movie...I saw a preview for it and thought Cuba Gooding Jr. looked dumb in it...Heidi will probably not be surprised that I thought that...Gosh i miss her...I hope I get to see her soon...I should call her today...I wonder if she's around...

Nicole said...

WE saw Taken on our anniversary and we L-O-V-E-D it!!! SOunds like a fun filled weekend and BTW, your pics turned out great! I bet Big T loved it!!!

Jessica said...

You are so funny! I just love you and your posts!

Debbie said...

We've been a "hot mess" too. Luckily I haven't had to have my picture taken recently. Hope you're feeling better! I thought Taken was awesome, too! I've heard those concrete things are amazing!

Caroline said...

Love the picture of you with the milkshakes! How do you eat so much and still look fabulous?!?!?

LOVE the pictures of you and Scarlett!

jennie w. said...

Awesome weekend! Except for sickness.