Thursday, September 11, 2008

everybody's got their something. these are mine.

mindi (are you guys reading her blog yet? you should be! funnystuff) confessed her guilty pleasures on her blog and i was inspired to share mine. she, of course, had some guidelines to follow like favorite guilty pleasure movie, favorite guilty pleasure food... but i couldn't follow those parameters, so i just made a list of my guilty pleasures, in no particular order:

1. watching burn notice.

it's great. and ridiculous. it's a one man A-team. and it's got gabrielle anwar from wild hearts can't be broken as the sidekick/explosives expert/love interest. so it is sooper great. and ridiculous. and they all carry shiny guns. i would love to whip a gun out of my purse one of these days. i bust out laughing at least once during every episode because of something funny. and it is usually not meant to be humorous.

2. the ORIGINAL beverly hills 90210 in reruns on the soap channel. i never watched this show back when it was in it's heyday. all my little pre-teen friends did, but not me. i was too busy reading. and being a social outcast. a 90210 marathon played over labor day weekend that started from the first episode and i was hooked. i have about 14 episodes in the queue. hurray. the early nineties never looked so good.

3. rereading Gone With The Wind for the bazillioneth time. for reals. i know i should be reading the scriptures, or the ensign or something i haven't read yet, but i can't help it. i especially like to carry around my copy that looks like a gigantic old-fashioned Bible. just to throw off people at the gym. how funny would it be to see someone on an elliptical maching reading a HUGE Bible? that's some serious heavy lifting. maybe that's just funny to me. i just finished reading it again last night. bawled my face off again, but i always cry at different places each time i read it. last night i cried because bonnie dies. i usually don't care too much because she is so ugly in the movie. and i cried because of lovely melanie. have i finally learned to appreciate her? i consoled myself by thinking of ways i would rewrite the final chapter. one version involved a scarlett o'hara/belle watling shootout. (i know they aren't real people. the line between reality and fantasy isn't that blurry over here.)

i also told legaleagle that he needs to grow a rhett butler moustache.

because it totally works on him.
and because it really doesn't work on me.
***and if anyone in the comments section decides to make a comment about how much they hate scarlett o'hara, and how much they like melanie and that i should have named my daughter melanie, you will be dead to me. you and your mother. mark my words.***

4. britney spears. i know what you are thinking. you don't even need to comment. but, have you ever listened to the heartbreak of "lucky"? or the power in "stronger" or the heart-wrenching sadness in "toxic"?

5. mariah carey. i just love her screaching high pitched voice. and her desperate lets-hold-on-to-this-relationship-ballad. and her pseduo-gangsta-ishness. do you know how hard it is to find a picture of her that i am not embarassed to have on my blog?

6. reading blogs of perfect strangers just because they wear fantastic clothes. boring posts=amazing outfits. it's all eye candy.

7. watching anything on E! while i am running on the treadmill. it's amazing how many miles i can put down while watching some of their educational programming. today it was the top 20 young royals. i also like E! news with ryan seacrest and giuliana. it's like i am running and reading a tabloid at the same time.

8. blogging. does it get guiltier than this??? few things accomplish so little and take up so much time and i can't help but LOVE IT! i keep a list with me at all times of things i would like to blog about. you never know when you will be inspired. it is right next to my list of items of clothing i see on other people that i would like to own too.

9. reading obituaries in the newspaper. i find it really heartwarming to hear about all the nice things they accomplished in their lives. it's a tad morbid. i look forward to it. i am already writing my own.

how 'bout you? what's your guilty pleasure?


Will and Natalie Giddens said...

Exactly how long did it take for you to draw that mustache on Thomas? Less than 10 minutes but longer than 5?

Andrea, Mrs. said...

Oh always make me so happy.... Let us not forget this:!73A1040287443C4B!207/?startingImageIndex=1&commentsExpand=0&addCommentExpand=0&addCommentFocus=0&pauseSlideshow=0

Thomas said...


Mindi said...

thanks for the love, lady--

your guilty pleasures are so similar to mine--90210 is some good stuff. i can still remember trying to cinch my jeans around my waist with a belt like kellie.

burn notice= GENIUS.

i heart britney no matter what the haters say.

Sarah Beck said...

wow--I never realized until you put clark gable and thomas next together how much they look alike--without the moustache. Now if he grew a moustache....

Angie said...

OK I'm reading your blog as Dave is watching Burn Notice on the computer next to me. How random is that?

And I love E! But I think my fav is E! True Hollywood story. Somehow I always find it riveting even if I don't even know about the actor.

Is the large Gone with the Wind book the same one you used to carry around in 7th grade? I totally remember you having it in our rockn BTB class with Janifer. Now that was good times.

MissRochelle said...

You are so silly, I love you!

Melissa said...

Ok, I can't stand it anymore. I have been reading your blog since, oh, before you announced that you were pregnant with Scarlet (I KNOW!), but I just can't keep silent after this blog. You are hilarious! I love Britney Spears too and listen to her Blackout album all the time while I'm at the gym. It's great. And I love Gone with the Wind and get choked up just thinking about it (that and To Kill a Mockingbird). Finally, I enjoy my daily dose of obituaries as well. Since I live in Sandy, UT I get to read all the crazy Mormon ones. You'd be such a fun next door neighbor. :) So, hello! By the way, I used to work with Jessica at the Phy Sc lab at BYU and have been clicking over from her blog for A LONG TIME! You can read about my glamorous at

Erica said...

I also found your blog from Jessica's blog. You are too hilarious. Still looking for a nickname? How about fancy pants. You are always so fashionable.

Yesenia said...

Im not really sure how I found your blog. Ive been reading it regularly for the past few months and I absolutely LOVE it. Im a young single mom in NYC and your entries always make my day. They make me smile and inspire me on those days that I feel motherhood really takes a toll on me. Thank you for sharing an insight into your family life. Keep on bloggin'!

P.S. Regan and Scarlet are adorable and you dress really snazzy :)

Lesta said...

I love the "guilty pleasures" list! What a cool idea! I am going to have to do that too!
Guess I'm gonna have to rent Burn Notice. I've never heard of it. I know, I know...
Love the movie Gone With The Wind!
And the mustache does work MUCH better on your hubby than you! haha...
Reading blogs of strangers who have "fantastic clothes"...hahaha...
Love it!!

Wade, Nicole, Nora, Audrey said...

WE love, love, love, love Burn Notice too! It's one of the few shows that WAde and I both watch...SEason finale TONIGHT!!! can't wait!

Caroline said...

I've never even heard of Burn Notice. But I am WAY excited about The Office coming on next week!
Maybe I should try again to read "Gone With The Wind" How many times have you read it?
I just love you crazy girl!

heidi said...

here are the answers to all your burning questions:
nat-it took me about 20 minutes because i kept trying to make the moustache on a special moustache website. it didn't work very well, or i was too dumb to figger it out, so i went again with good ol' paint on microsoft works suite.
angie- it is a different and much larger book. it is heavy weight fake leather in navy, with lots of gold embellishment so that it looks old school.
melissa-thanks for coming out of the closet and announcing your presence. you are awesome.
erica- fancy pants may just be the winner. i love it.
yesenia- i LOVE your name. and i am going to come live with you in NYC. that is a little dream of mine.
nicole- did wade notice that "carla" from burn notice is also from battlestar gallactica? don't ask me how i know that.
caroline- if your read all of GWTW i will buy you a huge present. and make you cookies. i have lost count of how many times i have read it. but i would venture to say it is about 10ish times.

Lindsey said...

I came to see your yellow and black room from a comment posted on Jessica Romney's blog AND... I LOVE BURN NOTICE TOO!!!! (Good to have a friend in the one man A-team love fest!)