Monday, September 08, 2008

dear uncle bonecrusher

dear uncle bonecrusher,
my little brood and i would like to thank you for the fun 5 weeks that you were here this summer. we especially enjoyed the last few days as we tried to pack everything that we had not yet accomplished into the few remaining hours of daylight.
el presidente still asks for you each day and he was pretty upset when he discovered that you weren't at the icecreamqueen's house. littlebigmouth hasn't said anything about your departure. that's how choked up she is about the whole deal. legaleagle would sure like your opinion on the byu/washington game.
we hope that you enjoy this semester of school and we can't wait to see you at christmas.

love, me(just a gentle reminder that i am still accepting nickname suggestions.)

the final week with uncle bonecrusher recap-

all summer long, uncle bonecrusher and i had planned on revisiting several places from our childhood in this 'hood we call KCMO. we decided to have the first annual KANSASCITYDAY. we were so busy and had to cram most of the activities into 2 quick days. interestingly enough, one day was nice and warm 85 degrees, while the second day was a surprisingly cool and rainy 58.(thank your hurricane gustav.)

SIN-tennial pool was visited, where most of the bikinis worn were deemed a sin. i mean seriously, being proud of your body no matter how many donuts you ate for breakfast for the last 15 years is one thing, protecting the eyes of the innocent is another. unfortunately, no pictures of that display.

uncle bonecrusher flexing for the camera.
as you can clearly see, we were the two oldest people, by about 15 years, jumping off the diving boards and going down the slides.

can you see my smiling face in this one?
on the way home from the pool...
we decided to drive by the "cave"
the "cave" is our local polygamous cult. see, not just in utah! the cave operates under the guise of being a science academy, when in acuality, it is the residence of our local crazy man who decided he was the new prophet and collected more wives and took his family and went and lived at this compound. the place has a complete absence of spirit. i get chills thinking about it. anywhooo, being the adventurers that we are, we drove to the entrance to take some commemorative pictures.
yikes. double yikes. i triple dog dare you to call the number.(not really, please don't. the thought frightens me.)
uncle bonecrusher was braver than i was. i barely got out of the car to take this picture. when he picked up the phone i was worried that the gates would swing open and we would be dragged inside by their tractor beam and you never would have heard from us again.

moving right along. day 2 of KANSASCITYDAY began with a fun lunch with aunt heather(no nickname yet) at our favorite diner winsteads, home of the skyscraper milkshake.

the weather was so dreary that we had to wear jackets and sweaters. uncle bonecrusher was defiant against the weather and wore shorts.

after lunch we enjoyed shopping in the rain at the plaza(plah-zuh for you pretentious types) and the fantastical and free nelson atkins museum of art, home of the world famous shuttlecock scultptures.

uncle bonecrusher just loves art so he was in heaven. he studied each piece carefully and took the chance to mentor young el presidente in form and beauty very seriously.
posing next to my favorite, water lilies by claude monet. didn't know i was so cultured and refined did ya? i try and keep that part of my life secret since my incredible intellectual acuity tends to alienate the unwashed masses.

uncle bonecrusher and the world's largest bong.

el presidente getting excited at the thought of exhibits on buddhism and impressionist painting.

did i tell you that uncle bonecrusher is thinking of going into animal proctology? he practiced on the brady bunch horse.
so clever. i am the first person to think of doing this.
uncle bonecrusher and el presidente got stuck in the revolving doors.

two great thinkers

russell stover, headquartered in KCMO. please visit. i need another excuse to go to their outlet store.
finally, the gigantic and shiny and new bass pro shop in independence. i felt a little out of place being that i don't even know how skin a buck, let alone run trout line, but they had a fudge shop, so i felt remarkably at home.
bess, the 103 lb catfish.
country folk can survive.
the end. who says kansas city doesn't have any class?


Emily and Jeremy said...

after all these years... you are still stylish. i miss you. i wish i lived near you.

The Liittle Shop of Cullen said...
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Elizabeth said...

how about stylinbumpkin...or stylinmomma...I am thinkin' something that starts with stylin'...bumpkin means an awkward and unsophisticated rustic...I don't know if I would really call you a rustic, let alone awkward of unsophisticated, it's just a word that rhymed and that I think looks cool, that's all...or stylishstarfish...I don't know if you are looking for something that rhymes...just some ideas...

Looks like ya'll had fun! I have some cousins that moved to Independence about a year ago and another cousin and his family is moving there right now...I keep forgetting how close Independence is to KC

The High Family- said...

I love good ol KC. I miss it and the four seasons. Here we have two...summer(for like 3 days) and winter. Anyway, enough bitterness. Those pictures brought back a lot of memories, minus the one with Mark's hand up the lovely amimal!

Sarah Beck said...

Always a party when the Beck clan gets together! The horse/Mark picture was particularly disturbing. And what is with Winsteads? I swear every time Steve takes me there, it's empty and looks like it's on its way to forclosure. P.S. that cartigan is cute!

Rachel said...

How Fun! I am jealous! Centennial Pool has a slide? And Winsteads is still open? I was just telling Joel about the skyscraper sodas the other day, did you get a picture of one?
You forgot to mention that we took dance lessons in that crazy scientist/prophets house from his (first?)wife, before the cave era. Don't be ashamed of our roots Heidi. I have a tape of our recital at the fire much class in KC

Julianne said...

YAY, I love this postie! Got a few laughs out of "Uncle Bonecrusher" (what a name!) and his poses, plus the reminder of the wonderful/scary/wierd/whatever places that KC holds. Ohhh, to have a Winstead's milkshake. I'm salivating now. And the "Science Center" or whatever that was...oh dear, so wrong. I never actually have been to the art gallery with the birdie out front. So I appreciated all the pictures from inside, esp. Reagan's excited face - so funny! And of course, Sin-tennial pool -- HA!! I'm so glad you guys went there, how terrific!

Good luck to Mark at school!

Livin' Single said...

i miss mark!!!! and you!! you look great in these pics.

Jessica said...

i thought i had already posted my comment, like DAYS ago, but apparently not. as for your nickname, i will let you steal one of sophie's since you have the same unfair advantage in this world: dimply-do (pronounced "dim-puh-lee-doo").

as for everything else, you've sold me on kc. i wanna come and hang out with you and your fam! and i second emily -- you are still the fashionista! (wait a second, use THAT for your nickname!). i LOVE your cardigan and those red shoes give such a vibrant punch of color. i LOVE it. i want some just like it.

Sarah Beck said...

did I really spell cardigan "cartigan"? I'm an IDIOT!

Wade, Nicole, Nora, Audrey said...

Oh I just love reading your posts! So full of whit and humor! And very well exectued I must say! ;)

PS~love the matching animal print that you and littlebigmouth have. such a stylish twosome! You guys out fashion The Bolinger gals by a land slide! ;)

Anonymous said...

Heidi! Thanks for all the fun we had while I was home. Kansas City Day 2008 was a success! I hope all is well back in the 816.
love always, Mark