Tuesday, August 26, 2008

august is for nicknames

when i was in elementary school i really wanted a nickname. perhaps i watched too much tv, but i loved that certain tv characters went by six, dj, boner or gibbler. maybe not boner. i can't believe that nickname was on a family show. i wanted my nickname to be hollywood, just like meshach taylor on mannequin. then everyone would call me hollywood and i could have it embroidered on a red satin softball jacket, not that i played softball. and never mind the fact that i have never owned a red satin jacket. i want to give my family nicknames. i read a few other blogs where people have given their family nicknames for safety reasons, rather than disclose their children's real names. but since i am an incredibly open person and most of you can use google as well as the rest of us, we are way beyond nicknames. but, nicknames are fun and i am all about fun so here we go! so this post will update you on our little life and introduce our new nicknames. except for my nickname. i can't settle on one. what would you call me? vanilla mom and brunette ambition are the best nicknames that i came up with. you tell me what you think and i will choose one and send a prize to the winner. what nicknames would you give your family members?

august 8th:

little bigmouth has discovered the beauty of accessorizing her outfit. one important lesson she has learned is that too many accessories can clutter an outfit.

but, as any fashionista knows, you have to be willing to take risks. i think a banana on the head is a big fashion risk but little bigmouth pulls it off well.

august 9th:

daventine chillin' before their reception at the bingham-waggoner estate.

mother and daughter and my killer earrings. killer as in amazing, not murderous.

el presidente had his birthday in march. we are STILL celebrating. he carries candles with him in his little fist just in case there is a cake.

august 16th:
it is shameful to admit that i grew up in glorious kansas city and just last week i went to my first chiefs game. it was pre-season and they were completely terrible, but it was fantastic.

this is sort of like the chiefs engagement picture of legaleagle and me. we are now engaged to the chiefs. and the chiefs quarterback brodie croyle was the quarterback at alabama whilst we lived in tuscaloosa. coincidence??? you can take the family out of the south, but you can't take the south out of the family.

august 18th:

my fantastic mother, the ice cream queen, and me rollin' in the converti on a beautiful sunny day with the top up. we love our hair...

and we ate at el maguey, or if you speak beck-speak...
el magooey.
august 26th:
remember this little gem of a cake from little bigmouth's birthday? i think we decided the omen of the cake would be that pirates were going to be attacking us in the near future.
i was totally wrong. the pirate omen really meant that el presidente would be posing like a pirate in every picture on his first day of pre-school.

ahoy mateys.
el presidente and his good friend caleb, or as he calls him, kayla. i think he thinks that caleb has the same name as our babysitter kayla.
shiver me timbers.
i am johnny depp.

after dropping el presidente off it was just the two of us. we can make it if we try. little bigmouth was not the least bit emotional. and while i fought tears the entire 9 minute drive to pre-school, i didn't shed a tear until the way home. and even then it was more like eye-sweating than actual crying.


Will and Natalie Giddens said...

I'm at a loss for words for how much goodness you packed into one post. Do you want to update my blog sometime with something witty and wonderful like what you put on yours?

Paula said...

Man oh man. I actually said to myself when I saw the first KC Chiefs picture "Brodie Croyle plays for them". My father would be proud. Loving the nicknames and find them hilarious. Such cute kids with fun personalities. Laughed at Scarlett's accessorizing and Reagan's pirate poses (I can't believe he is in pre-K!). I wonder where they get all this personality from-oh wait- I know.

Mindi said...

oh, my--
"eye sweating" could possibly be my new favorite phrase!! i am gonna use it in at least two sentences tomorrow!!

ps i also think you could singlehandedly bring back the nickname "boner".....
just saying

Rachel said...

when did El Magooey get so fancy? Is that in BS? What happened to their old dive? Respond b/c I really want to know.
Noah does the pirate thing too, but not quite as advanced, but he is only 7 weeks old. We call him One Eyed-Willy.
Great post! I'll be thinking of a good nickname for you-

Caroline said...

That is hillarious that he is making that pirate face in every single picture! Does he seriously carry around candles?
Scarlett is GOREGOUS!!!!!!!!!
Ofcourse I have the best nickname for you-Heidi Hoe!

Wade, Nicole, Nora, Audrey said...

I am no good at nicknames. I guess I will be a bad mom that airs her children on the internet, forever!!! I will have to think on your nickname. It should fabulous!! Just like you!!

Angie said...

el presidente cracks me up. Love the candles! I used to celebrate my birthday for a week, but 6 months rocks. And the pirate poses are fantastic. I bet he has great stories about pre-school.

amanda said...

Hold on- I'm still laughing!...
Loved it!

The pirate face.
The accessorizing.
The great earrings.
Where does it end?!?!?

Ok- I can get a little crazy with the nicknames myself.

Have you considered-

Mox {short for Moxie}
The Rocker, or Rox
Hesi {short for Heidi Simpson- duh. But that one might sound too much like hussy. But maybe that's something you'd like...}

Ok- I really need to go and do something else. But if inspiration strikes- I'll be sure to let you know!

Carie said...

Pirate pictures=hilarious.
I'm surprised Thomas didn't wear his Georgia hat at church on Sunday along with the fabulous red shirt.

Nickname for you? How about Hiney. (as in backside, gluteous maximus, tush.) It sounds close to Heidi and that just kind of makes me laugh.

I've never had a nickname either. Maybe I'm too boring . . .

Mink News said...

You look so so hot in the wedding pictures! And the candle idea isn't such a bad one!