Tuesday, March 04, 2008

name the next landfill after scarlett

disclaimer: this is gross and immature.

scarlett is a wonderful baby. sweet temperament, curious personality, fantastic laugh, beautiful eyes, superb sleeper. a dream of a baby. my precious little girl.

except for one thing.
she poops A LOT.
more like a TON!
sometimes 6 times a day. i keep diapers and wipes everywhere in anticipation of the next diaper dribbling or bomb dropping. she is 8 months old and only weighs 15 pounds. you would think that such a small baby wouldn't have it in her. and she doesn't. it is out of her in record time.

now don't get all in a tizzy that she might have some sort of pooping disease. she is perfectly healthy. we just know that her innards work like a well oiled machine.

feel free to be disgusted.


Jessica said...

hahaha. that was grace. she is still my poopiest child. although sophie is giving her a run (haha) for her money with all the fruit she has been consuming lately.

and fyi, sophie and scarlett are about the same size. how funny.

The High Family- said...

Heidi, this is Ashley Mack High...my mom forwarded me your blog address. I swear I am not a stalker. I hope you are well. You have such a beautiful family. You are so skinny...it makes me kind of ill...could you put on a little weight to make the rest of us feel better about ourselves. Oh ya, I love that you talk about poop as openly as I do!

Jess said...

Heidi, I feel your pain!! My triplets were the exact same way up until about 6 months ago. I was going through diapers like crazy for all the poop!! The are now down to about 2-3 BMs per day per baby...nice.

Mink News said...

wow... I thought I had the only pooping baby, (but mine is a 2 yr old) but I guess I was wrong! If I had an award to give out for best blogger, it would be you! I would love to see you guys again and hopefully we can get together if you come out to Utah soon for a wedding.
And I have to say.... I love that you struggle with Reagan like I struggle with Collin! I am so sorry you didn't get to meet Ann Romney, but totally impressed you braved it with 2 chillens! I totally know the feeling of chasing , while your child is far ahead laughing their head off. Scarlett is so cute, I need to meet her in real life!
much love

becky said...

Heidi...you crack me up. And shake me out of my fantasy world where babies are just adorable barbie dolls waiting for their next fabulous ensemble.

They're really just waiting for you to change their clothes so they can poo again.

P.S. I LOVE the name scarlet. :)

Elizabeth said...

:) lol, you poor thing! Well, you have a good embarrassing story to tell future boyfriend's of hers!

Caroline said...

Wow! John Evan weighed over 20 pounds at 8 months!