Monday, March 24, 2008

the beck family band rides again

spring break 2008 was an extra special one for my family. my baby brother mark returned home from his mission on tuesday and the whole fam damily reunited for the occasion. if you are not interested in an onslaught of beck family pictures. stop reading now. i won't be offended. however, if you can hold on long enough, there are some funny pictures of people being silly at the bottom.

mark is one of those special people that left on his mission when he was 18 and returned home when he was 20. he turned 21 on wednesday and we celebrated. reagan thought we were celebrating for him again. reagan also thought the welcome home balloons were for him.

some week highlights:

david arrived at midnight thursday. frontier airlines lost his luggage and he was scrounging for clothes to wear from thomas and mark's closets the whole time. at one point david had to resort to wearing his old mission suit for the family picture. he was wearing two different belts on top of one another to keep his pants up and he couldn't take his jacket off because of the holes in his white missionary shirt. by the time david left on sunday night to go back to utah, his luggage still had not been located.

another highlight was the warmer weather. we were able to go downtown and enjoy the crown center fountains.

another time honored beck family tradition was the group nap that took place at my house on saturday:

as promised, your added bonus! i am purposefully posting all these silly pictures with the everyone looking slightly ridiculous. these cracked me up. i hope it makes you laugh too!

frighteningly funny heather

once again, the scarlett/scarlett o'hara similarities are uncanny. i didn't purchase scarlett's easter dress for her, it was a gift from my mother. the fact that scarlett o'hara wears a tiered ruffled dress in the opening scenes of gone with the wind is purely coincidental.


Lachelle, Rob & Eliza said...

I love that her Easter dress is so similar to that picture!

And my little brother Kory returns from his mission in about 6 weeks and he was one of those left at 18 and returns at 20. Although actually he gets home on his 21st birthday!

Rachel said...

I can't believe Mark is all grown up. I can't seem to think of him other than really little in the back of your mom's station wagon on the way home from our dance class as Rhonda's! Those were the days. I wonder how Rhonda is?!
I love Scarlett's dress and the resemblance is amazing. And do I spy Death By Chocolate Dessert? Yumm!

Debbie said...

I love the group nap, and I love Scarlett's dress! ;-)
Did you make that trifle?

Emily C. said...

what a great fun post!! isn't it so nice to finally have the whole family together? yay for Mark!

Scarlett's dress is amazingly similar to the movie. way to go!

Elizabeth said...

Just a coincidence, huh? :)

And I have had that concoction, and all of a sudden I am seriously craving it! I think you made that one of the times we had a gathering, maybe at your apartment in Tuscaloosa?? Hmm...well, whenever it was, it was incredibly good!

Caroline said...

Congrats on having your brother home! Those random pictures are hillarious! Especially the one with the little girl in the background with her fork. Also love the family naps!