Tuesday, February 12, 2008

will the real heidi please stand up?

i was going to forego another "tag" since most of you have probably heard enough of my youthful antics and personal reminisces, but the content of this particular tag coincides with something that i was already planning on posting about. so here it is in it's entirety. lucky you.

ten years ago i was: a senior at blue springs south high school, home of the jaguars. which brings me to an important question, do you say jag-wire or jag-whar? anywhooo, at this point in my high school career i was very much disillusioned with the so-called "best years of my life". i was thrilled with my acceptance to BYU and couldn't wait to leave and start my "adulthood". to pass the last year of my adolescence as quickly as possible i was involved in such glamorous and highly enviable activities as singing in the chamber choir(surprise, i used to be quite good), working at the public library(sexy)and saving most of my money for college, perfecting my sewing skills in home ec and keeping my perfect seminary attendance record alive. also, i was really into my stake's youth activities. i was chair of the stake youth commitee and i planned the dances and youth conference. stake dances were the highlight of my month! rereading this paragraph makes me wonder why i had any friends at all. if i was a saved by the bell character, i would have played screech's little sister, squeek! needless to say, i was a nerd and i loved it!

this brings me to my next point. now that we have lived in KC for over a month, i have ran into a few people here and there that i knew in my youth. it has only been ten years since i lived here and i don't think that i have changed that much, but i few people haven't recognized me at all. one person gave me a blank stare until i re-introduced myself. these are people whose kids i hung out with for crying in the night! was i not that dazzling and unforgettable to them? this hasn't happened with everyone i knew but enough that i am blaming it on them and not me. they must have early onset dimensia. what do you think?

5 things on my to-do list today:
1. go to gym
2. pick up prescriptions
3. put together scarlett's bureau
4. make easy peasy chicken cordon bleu for dinner
5. go to the AT&T store and pick out my new phone

3 of my bad habits
1. passing gas in public and blaming it on the kids(that is so gross, i know! i am in a really crude mood).
2. letting people i don't even know have a say in my emotions. for example, people that are rude or unkind or don't even recognize me from 10 years ago
3. staring at myself in the mirror, or anything with a reflection really. if i walk by one, i have to take a look. i guess i am self-concious about a few things. mascara running down my face. boogers hanging out of my nose. the way that i walk. it's sort of duck like if you ask me.

places i've lived(mostly in order and avoiding the repeats)
1. provo, ut
2. prairie village, ks
3. blue springs, mo
4. jackson, wyoming
5. tuscaloosa, al
6. snellville, ga
7. northport, al
8. montgomery, al
9. savannah, ga
10. lee's summit, mo

things most people don't know about me:
9 times out of ten i don't open emails that are forwarded to me. if they have either "forward" or "you should really read this" in the subject line, it doesn't get opened. or if by some chance i do read it and it says to forward it to all your friends, that translates to me as delete immediately. i am a cold, heartless woman.


Jessica said...

i'm with you on the forwarded emails. amen, sister! and for the record you definitely should be recognizable from 10 years ago. the problem is with the people, not you.

love the picture of reagan at the top of the blog, by the way.

Jess said...

Okay, I'm going to play the Devil's advocate here....I personally think that you look exactly the same as the picture from 10 years ago, but the second picture is from a different angle and your face shape looks a little different in that one...maybe you were standing at the same angle when this person saw you....or maybe they didn't recognize you with the booger hanging out of your nose....or maybe they had forgotten about the duck walk???

Meghan said...

I think you look much more grown up and sophisticated now then you did in high school. They probably were caught off guard, I always expect people I knew 10 years ago to stay the same. I too have a serious problem of looking in the mirror, while I'm on the phone, eating, walking, always wondering how awful I really look. You on the other hand, as I remember, always look great and very put together. Keep up the good work at the gym!!

Anonymous said...

I love a good Heidi post! I work with a couple of people that constantly look at themselves in any reflection! It so gets on my nerves b/c I thought they were just vain but now I know they my just be self conscious. Thanks for making we aware:)
I loved you admission to passing gas. Hilarious!

Elizabeth said...

Did you get this from my blog??? :) You look pretty much EXACTLY like you did it high school. I couldn't tell which one was the modern one until I scrolled down a little further.

Heather said...

you look great!!! i miss you so much! i am at the university of maryland's library right now. zack didn't want me to go to class with him because i am too loud. anyway, i think that you are the same beauty queen you were in high school.

Emily & Jeremy said...

heidi - it's cracy how many places you have lived in like the past 5 years. lots o' moving. you've gotta be so happy to be settled in a nice new home.

Erin said...

giiiiiiirl, you are hilarious! i was dying laughing at this post. maybe people don't recognize you b/c you have bigger boobs now? doesn't that happen when you have babies?!!?!?! anyway, i say take it as a compliment. you've always been a cutie patootie!

Julianne said...

Hello Heidi! OK, reading your blogs has given me quite a few chuckles today...it's great to see you guys are doing so well! I LOVE LOVE your pretty blue house! Those kids of yours are pretty cute, too. Congrats on the move...I'm totally adding you to my list of people whose blogs I stalk!

Jefferey and Victoria said...

I guess I wouldn't recognize you either.. you are skinnier! I am a little sad, I wish I was skinnier too.