Thursday, August 02, 2007


it's hard for me to believe that scarlett is already 5 weeks old! the time has flown by. everyone in the house has acquired new "skillz" in the past 5 weeks.

1. wrangling 2 children in church while i lead music or play piano

1. lifting reagan out of his bed while nursing scarlett
2. navigating a jumbo double stroller around public places

1. "helping" mom change diapers
2. "reading" his potty book and sitting on the potty
3. stirring his milk and depositing the spoon in the sink

1. sleeping through the night. seriously. she has done it 3 times now and all other nights she only gets up once
2. almost smiling

1. ignoring 2 kids

my favorite grumpy face.
by now all y'all know that reagan isn't into wearing pants. and the black blob is meatball. he didn't want to get in picture.

cute baby. slouching, bedraggled mom.

scarlett at 5 weeks
my preemie reagan at 4 weeks. what a difference being born full term makes!


Scott said...

cute pictures! i loved the comparison shots of reagan and scarlett at 4 weeks. its so fun to do that. and you do not even look like you just had a baby. you look so good it makes me sick! okay not really, i know i can't be mad at you because you are one hard-working worker outer. one day i hope to be just like you. :) and seriously, i'm loving your hair. isn't darker than it usually is?

and might i say that you definitely have some skillz. i can't do anything else while nursing a baby. i'm pretty much useless! and wait a second, they still expect you to lead the music or play the piano when you have a newborn and a toddler?? what the bunnysauce?

Scott said...

that was supposed to say "is it" darker than it usually is. my bad.

jessica said...

okay and dang it, scott is still logged on again and this is really jessica who is cluttering up your comment wall.

Paula said...

too cute heidi. the first picture of scarlett totally reminded me of you for some reason (in a good way). Maybe because I have seen a similar look on your face before.

Thomas said...

Paula, you're right on. Heidi does make that face. It means "find out what I want by reading my mind, and bring it to me two seconds ago.... Why are you still standing there?"

Caroline said...

Y'all are such a smart smart famiy! So, how is he doing on the potty?
Love the picture of you snuggling with Scarlett! Isn't it amazing what you can do with a baby attached to you?
Wow-Reagan was TINY! Are you able to get any packing done with all this going on?

Elizabeth said...

CUTE hair!! Seriously!! :) Love it.

I love the grumpy face. :) very cute.

And those are some amazing skills for sure!

Emily said...

girl! i did an out loud " aaawwww" when I saw the first pic of scarlet on this post. she is so precious. i want to hold her. i love how happ;y reagan always looks when he's next to her. is this really the case?

Lachelle, Rob & Eliza said...

Love all the pictures! Especially of Reagan and Scarlett next to each other - he looks so long. I'm impressed with your multi-tasking while nursing . . . I don't know if I'll ever be that talented!

Valoree said...

Wow! Ya'll are so talented! Isn't it amazing what we moms can do? You look so good! Your children are precious, too!

katherine said...

love the skillz! Especially meatball's. I think I'm going to adopt more of that skill in the near future he,he,he.

Meghan said...

Very cute hair! Scarlett is just beautiful. I am glad you are doing so good with everything.

Jared and Debbie Mayfield said...

I love Thomas' comment, and you guys are lucky to have a 5 week old that sleeps through the night! Taylor is almost 8 months, and well.. we're still working on that. She's getting better though. I have that same infant/toddler rocker. It was a lifesaver when Taylor was a newborn. The vibrations would put her right to sleep every time.

jen & ryan said...

Wow Heidi. Your blog is awesome and I have found myself laughing outloud over and over at your hilarious comments. Love you lots, Cousin Jen

Jill Norris said...

love the hair style.... you look way to good for just having a baby!