Wednesday, August 08, 2007


eight things you may not know about me:
1. i believe sherbet is health food.
2. i too lied on my third grade eye exam just to get glasses. what a prize that turned out to be.
3. being pregnant is not my favorite thing in the world. i actually don't like it much at all. but delivering the baby is not hard at all for me. reagan took 20 minutes and scarlett took less than 10.
4. i still struggle with inner turmoil about how old i am. 27 isn't old, i just get confused about where i should shop! do i stick out like a sore thumb in charlotte russe??? but there is no WAY i am old enough to shop at talbots!
5. riding the school bus was a traumatic experience for me. being a deathly shy child, finding a place to sit everyday was nerve-wracking! thank goodness for assigned seating! and the naughty things kids do!!!
no thanks! i will drive my children to school everyday. they can develop strength and backbone somewhere else.
6. in junior high and high school i never went to swimming type activities without wearing shorts over my swimsuit. i was too self-conscious. and dumb. i just needed to get over myself!
7. i think i should have been a dentist, a dermatologist or an anesthiesiologist. those professions fascinate me. and you don't hear about too many dental, dermotological or anesthiesiological emergencies pulling you away from your bed in the middle of the night.
8. the second "sequel" to gone with the wind comes out november 6th. fo' real. it is called rhett butler's people and you know i will be first in line for that. from what i have read it is rhett's point of view and history. should prove interesting. i know this was supposed to be about me, but this important topic has been pressing on my brain lately.


Sean & Lauren said...

Who didn't lie in 3rd grade to get glasses?! All the "cool" people had glasses (and don't forget braces!). I just didn't lie well enough, they never did give me glasses.

Thanaglim said...

Laura said...

Heidi my sister in law shops at store like that sometimes and shes like 34.... and she looks dang good all of the time- there is no shame.... why not look good and young while you can----

Caroline said...

that makes me want to cry about the bus thing!
My step mother-in-law gave me a GC to Talbots about 2 years ago and I still have not used it!

Elizabeth said...

Wow, I don't think it was cool when I was in third grade to have glasses. In fact, I have very good memories of other kids making fun of the four-eyes' in the class. Why do I remember this? Because I couldn't understand why they called them four-eyes. They had two just like everyone else. (Seriously, I was very good at math and usually very smart, but I really missed that one)

ventingzebra said...

I understand the turmoil of bus riding. I, too, loved assigned seating...on the bus, in the classroom, even at lunch (in middle school anyway).

Will & Natalie Giddens said...

Alright! I'm so glad you finally posted your random things. And no matter how many times you say it, it's still so difficult for me to believe that you were THAT shy as a kid. Glad you're all sass-i-fied now!

Jessica said...

me and glasses were the OPPOSITE! my eyes were already so bad at that point that i was so embarrassed that i wouldn't be able to read off the letters, that i memorized what everyone else was saying were the letters when it was their turn. i don't think it worked, though, because 3rd grade is when i'm pretty sure i got my first pair of glasses (and then pretty soon after, lost them). getting contacts in the 6th grade was my dream come true!

now here's a question for you. why am i checking blogs and commenting on them when we're moving tomorrow and i should be packing and cleaning right now?

Jared and Debbie Mayfield said...

I, too, have a hard time imagining you as a shy kid!... you are not old, and I am right behind you, and I can promise you that I will still be shopping in the Juniors' Department for a long time.. haha I saw an older lady at the temple last month. From behind, I just saw this beautiful red, curly hair. Then, she raised her hand, and although she had beautifully painted (and probably acrylic) nails, the wrinkles on her hands could not hide her age. I saw her from the front, and she was wearing lots of makeup.. but again- wrinkles. She had to have been at least in her 60's. After the session, when I saw her in her "street clothes" she looked like she was still shopping in the Juniors' Department. Now, I am not making fun of this beautiful old lady, but what's that saying-- you're only as old as you feel or something like that??? This really doesn't apply to you because you are still a hot YOUNG woman... I just wanted to share that story.. haha

Rachel said...

OK, since I grew up with Heidi in grand ol' Blue Springs I feel it is my responsibility to vouch for her. Yes, she was extremely shy and it was totally cool not only to have glasses, but braces too!! So cool that many used the paper clip trick to try and appear blessed enough to actually have a metal mouth. I vividly remember faking it with the vision test, got some awesome pink glasses and now my punishment is that I really have to wear glasses. What was wrong with Cordill-Mason? Maybe it was because our school colors were orange and brown.