Wednesday, June 13, 2007

a post filled with bragging

a realization was made recently. my baby is not a toddler! he is a big little boy! it was a bittersweet revelation. i must say that i love this age the best! reagan is so independent and can accomplish so many tasks! he loves to help with laundry and put away silverware and make the bed. and he has his own cleaning bottle full of water so that he can spray things down and wipe them. makes for slippery tile, however. some tasks he still struggles with, like spoon to mouth or all the toys in the toy bin or listening when i tell him not to do something, but he amazes me everyday with the things he can do. just yesterday he greeted me with "bwess you, bubba!" not sure where that came from because i hadn't sneezed, but he has since repeated it after subsequent sneezes therefore making him a boy genius.
also, he loves loves loves to announce when he has gone pee pee or poo poo. potty training is on the way!

reagan and daddy reading after consuming a pudding cup!

watching the "bawl show" on tv. reagan is obsessed with anything with a ball. he has loved the NBA playoffs being on each night and each morning wants to watch espn. which, frankly, i am thrilled about because that means ABC singalong isn't constantly on. i can only stand hearing "b-i-n-g-o" so much. and i despise "kukaburra lives in the old gum tree"! plus, when we go and watch thomas play baseball with his office league, he sits as still as a statue on the bench and watches the whole game. i could probably stay home. he is mesmerized by the "bawl". funny funny thing he does is whenever someone jumps or slides or dives for a ball, so does reagan.

bytheway, if you didn't know, we are having a drought. this is from today playing in the dead grass and dirt.

bouncing on a ball.

this is how the whole yard looks up close. bits of grass with huge cracks. the one plus is that there is minimal humidty and few mosquitos so evenings are quite pleasant.
that blob at the bottom is my stomach. this is what i see whenever i look down.


Paula said...

I can't believe how big Reagan is getting. Only a couple more weeks before Scarlett's grand entrance, how are you holding up?

Valoree said...

And you have every right to brag. I love that he loves sports. That's so cute!

Emily said...

I'm glad your raising a bawl player at such a young age - i hear thats how they do it down south - with all the friday night light business, right?

i'm just talking out of my behind... but he has grown up to a little kid. how fun! that age is my favorite. He looks like he is ready to be a big brother to a sweet new little baby girl.

Caroline said...

I know! I love that age too! It is so neat because they actually "show" you things that they know.
Our grass looks AWFUL too!