Saturday, June 23, 2007

the end is near!

this past wednesday was my most recent visit to el doctoro. he has finally relented on scheduling an induction date and i am exploding(giving birth) on june 28th! hurray! the end is near! panic and mass hysteria have set in as i realized that everything that i planned to do before scarlett arrived has not been done! the past few days have been a whirlwind of organizing and planning family activities to be done before scarlett "graces" us with her prescence. i am so punny.
first off was a trip to the fountain and books a million. reagan would bankrupt us if he could just by throwing all our "moneys" in the fountain. afterwards, we went and played with the thomas the tank engine track at BAM and consumed frosties on the way home.

we love the moneys!

have i fooled you? does this photo look candid? me at 37 weeks!

one of reagan's most favorite things to do is to go the "wah-tah". we try and go to the pool at the ymca as often as possible. it is pretty much the only time that i don't feel like a lumbering bear. (someone i chose to be with forever gave me that loving nickname.) our ymca also has a small water park. it is fantastic! we spent part of saturday enjoying the benefits of our membership!

"i have no fat anywhere on my body!!! mwwaahahaha!" seriously, the kid has a negative body fat percentage. it is like trying to dress a pencil. he can wear 3T shorts because of his height, but he can still wear some 18M t-shirts. he just *barely* graduated to size 4 diapers. and we can still make size 3 work if we need to.

one MAJOR drawback is that every hour they clear the pools for ten minutes of "adult swim". i hate it. the kids hate it. no adults come to the pool by themselves to swim. basically, it is a bunch of empty pools and cranky kids and irritated parents chasing their children so that they don't go jump back in the water. this is reagan being grumpy. he has the most pathetic moan, "waaahh-tahh".

i am not topless. it just looks that way. but it would be a good way to pay for the membership.

reagan jumping into the water. thomas got a good shoulder workout.
what a hottie. and reagan is cute. the end.


Emily said...

hey girl!! I can't believe you are having your baby this week!! !holy moly!! i'm glad you could have a fun day at the'wha-ta" with the fam before the baby comes. good luck this week. I will be thinking of you.

Lachelle, Rob & Eliza said...

Wow! Your baby is on her way!! Yay for the doctor scheduling the induction. And that YMCA looks like a blast. The ones here don't look like that at all! Although the junior high pools are complete with water slides, etc so I guess it evens out. Have a fun last week of having only one child!!

Caroline said...

So So cute! I can't believe your YMCA is so cool! I wish our's was more like that. Sydney loves the fountain too and has to throw money in every time we go to the library or mall. Reagan is SUPER SUPER skinny! Do you feed that child? You look GREAT and I am so proud of you! GOod luck with everything...your life is about to change big time! I can't wait to see pictures of Scarlett. I pray everything goes smooth for you!

Rachel said...

Just the post I needed on a Monday at work. You look awesome, and looks like you guys are having a blast!
Good luck this week!

Valoree said...

I am so jealous of your YMCA! We are members of the one here and that just doesn't even compare! SO jealous! You look great of course but no you didn't fool me on the "candid" shot b/c of your arm being on your hip:) Good luck this week!

Paula said...

Oh wow. I can't believe this week you will have a second child! Crazy. My mom was hoping that she would come on her birthday but you have to do what you have to do with the induction. So, if you aren't topless what exactly are you wearing???? ha, ha!

Emily said...

TODAY IS THE BIG DAY!! I'm looking forward to your next post once the little on eis here.