Sunday, September 25, 2016

september morn, and lots of hot september days, in run on sentences.

it has been 90+ degrees all september long. i want to like september. there is plenty to like about september. i just struggle with liking september because it's still so hot. i'm always sweaty. i'm unpleasantly sweaty. but i carry on. 

everything that happened in september in single sentences:

halloween decor made it's first appearance and athena blythe loves it. 

hersch just knows to smile during pictures now.

friday football dress code has resumed:

athena blythe finagled a jewelry counter worker to let her try on a $1500 diamond necklace.

half-marathon training is in full force.

indoor camping to appease athena blythe's relentless requests for real outside camping.

athena blythes first day of school, but not really because i can't read a calendar and school really started the next day, but i took pictures and she insisted on smiling like this and saying, "awwwww" over and over. 

 real first day of school.

 my lunchbox napkins are some of my best work:

 athena blythe's school has a pretty cool library that i had to drag two screaming kids out of. 

i'm trying to be a fun mom and taking all the kids to the park on thursday evenings to eat taco bell and chik fil a and play the night away but it's still so hot that i'm cranky after 20 minutes. 

herschel is my darling baby who takes too few naps because of his siblings busy school schedules.

thomas and i went to the temple and it was manna to my soul.

since we have 1230 to 330 church, we eat two huge, carby meals on sunday and i've really perfected my chicken parmesan as a result.

the scarlett modeling sessions continue and i don't mind.

scarlett and i went to the women's broadcast at church, i think she even did a pretty good job paying attention. 

i curled her long locks for church today. 

i looked best in this picture and everyone else looked typical but there was nothing typical about our great primary program today at church. 

goodbye, sweaty september!


Lindsey said...

The store with the Halloween decor: is that At Home? It looks exactly like ours here, but I didn't think it was a chain.

Melissa said...

about time! I've been checking faithfully every Monday and Tuesday for the last month for some Heidi goodness. Haha! September brought 32 degrees here. Come visit.

HJolley said...

1. i was really excited for the neil diamond reference in your blog title. SEPTEMBER MORN! WE DANCED UNTIL THE NIGHT BECAME A BRAND NEW DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY!!"
2. Gwen is in love with halloween too. everytime we go to walfart, she has to go hug her fave ghost. no fear, here! cheers, no jeers! or tears!
3. scarlettttttttt. what the heck. do i need to buy her some jeans that we will cut off and roll up to make into terrible shorts that she can parade around in so that she can "enjoy" an awkward phase like we had? she is seriously so pretty, and i cannot think of one single time i looked that put together at school (or in my 20s), and i'm proud to call her Niece. And her curled hair is exquisitely beautiful.
4. i'm now going to write a poem about my awkward stage. "there she goes to write her next hit song--'Alone in my Principles'." NAME THE MOVIE.

Lindsey said...

ALSO - your napkin drawings are seriously impressive. I'm awed.