Tuesday, June 14, 2016

last week/first weeks

i never recorded our last week of school activities. this is the last day. i went with my old standby teacher gift, a target gift card. my anxiety doesn't allow me to try fun gift giving ideas. my illegible handwriting and wonky scissor usage doesn't allow me to make anything. some day i'll take the time to do something like that. when i'm dead. funny thing about being dead, it's one of reagan's most consistent conversation topics. he does not like the idea of being dead so he wants to be resurrected after 3 days just like Jesus Christ. he also doesn't like the idea of not being able to talk when you're dead, "like joseph smith and alma". i don't really know how to answer that one. i guess dead people can communicate with each other? how do you talk about that without freaking yourself out. as i type that, i'm trying to not think of the spooky version of "a christmas carol" when jacob marley is clomping up the stairs in his shackles. it simply cannot be born, even when it's 85 degrees outside!
i digress, my best buddies. their relationship has definitely evolved over the years as siblings are wont to do, but they still love each other dearly. they are close in that telepathic twin way, but scarlett has become more like a mother hen as her mental acuity has sharpened in ways that reagan's has not. his development is also keenly improved, but they are apples and oranges. and i love fruit.

at reagan's end of year awards ceremony, athena blythe was able to ingratiate herself into passing out the awards. she saves those special smiles for just the right times.

farewell to our neighborhood park:

farewell to this house:

hello to the new house:

hello to falling asleep in chairs exhausted children because the sun doesn't go down until 9pm:

hello to fighting about some of the dumbest things possible. par example: scarlett, athena blythe, and HERSCHEL freaking out about wearing this witches hat. i had to put it on the fridge and it hasn't made it way down yet. 

thomas and i had a date and we went and saw "me before you". as you can guess from this picture, it didn't affect me emotionally whatsoever. a real dud. i ate a huge fudge-filled oreo blizzard afterward to try and soothe my tormented soul as i penned some post-mortem goth poetry.

NERD on top of NERD
the end


Thomas said...

I can't believe there are no comments on this post yet. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Lindsey said...

Love your fam. And I walked around Costco with the mopiest mopey face for an hour after seeing that movie. I feel ya.

HJolley said...

I don't know how i missed this post. i watched a sappy movie last night and it had absolutely no effect on me.