Monday, April 04, 2016

pre-easter and easter potpourri for $200, alex

i reread my last post and i was waaaay off on something. instead of everyone wearing color at my funeral like i had previously stated, i want everyone to wear their best black and white outfit with very colorful shoes. i'd hate to have died and not have that squared away. the pictures at my funeral will be phenomenal. start looking for your hats with veils. you've got about 50 years to find the one. 

i can't exactly what was so funny here. but it was funny. scarlett was writing a story of some sort and i was laughing about it. i think the story ended on a cliffhanger or everyone died. i like both of those endings. i don't love predictable endings. 

i also don't know what is going on here, but this happened. athena blythe is pretty obsessed with putting things in cages and locking things up. it's incredibly weird and more than a little bit disturbing.

pinewood derby! that's a sarcastic exclamation point. we came. we saw. we performed better than averagely. again, the pack got together and used woodworking tools to carve out their design. his leadership, again, went above and beyond and helped him make a spectacular car. i painted it. the afternoon of the derby. 

reagan named her "taffyta kermit" after taffyta muttonfudge, a minor character on reagan's current favorite movie, "wreck it ralph". and kermit for kermit, obviously. 

the face of scouting!

the cute baby in a hat portion of the post:
they call me cuban pete

the cute baby stuck on top of a box portion of the post:

the while i was running i saw this scary dead snake that had been eaten by some other even scarier animal portion of the post:

athena blythe dominated the junior portion of the neighborhood easter egg hunt.

the wacky stuff seen while house hunting portion of the post:
a real life home phone, complete with cord, on the wall of this house. i loved the house, even with all the crazy wallpaper, but it had a big leaking problem in the basement. my heart was heavy. 

it also had a beautiful backyard. perfect for future backyard wedding receptions that will now have to happen elsewhere. 

after house hunting, we made all the big kids dreams come true and we had dinner at the brand new denny's, next to the old, janky waffle house. we're highbrow. i don't know how i used to stomach this stuff. my innards wanted to be outtards for the rest of the night. thanks approaching middle age. that and my need to wear flats more often than heels is really keeping me humble. 

later on saturday we did a quick egg dye session. i hope the kids don't remember that so many of our family traditions are rushed.

the easter egg hunt had to be held indoors due to inclement weather. and my high quality iphone photos strike again!

we did the resurrection rolls again and again, they we not very inspiring. if the easter bunny isn't real, i'm not sure what the kids will glean about the resurrection process from these rolls. 

also, there was a bit of easter bunny miscommunication at our house and we ended up with 7 chocolate bunnies. there were no complaints. 

post church, sugar high, dancing in our underwear in the rain portion of the blog post:

we were fortunate to be invited over to the home of the parents of some of my most favorite people of all time, paula and natalie, my college beasties and roommates.
paula in her natural habitat:

our easter outfits:
thrifted, clearanced, reused, made do and bought as little new as possible. i like giving myself thrifting and styling goals. why not, right?

final note:
it's been warm enough to eat outside on the patio. less sweeping, less cleaning, more happy me, at least until the heat and bugs show up. i love to sit and watch the sky for the planes en route to jackson/hartfield airport. one time we got to 18 planes.

the end. one of these days i'll have time to write actual thoughts and commentary but that day is not today. 


HJolley said...

Great Blythe smile at the end.

And my kids STILL haven't dyed eggs yet. I have the dye, and I hard boiled the eggs. Maybe we can do it with your kids this weekend.

Lindsey said...

Your family is so dang beautiful. Such cute kids!!!