Monday, November 30, 2015

the devil went down to georgia for thanksgiving

So, BIG NEWS in the family Simpson. Thomas got free tickets to the Georgia-Georgia Southern game. And I am trying to type using correct capitalization instead of my usual, non-capitalization style of typing. It's painful, to say the least. 

I haven't always been a big college football fan, but i can honestly say that i truly love it. i'm converted. 

Though my heart and my money belong to BYU, and i belong to the cult of Alabama, Georgia is a pretty good team to like too. 
Plus, Thomas likes Georgia almost as much as he likes me.

and for all those wondering, what are thomas's thoughts on the mark richt firing, he's for it. $4 million dollars a year means you need to win national championships. i agree.

The dawgs pulled off a victory in overtime and my eyebrows are on point!

for thanksgiving, we made the 5 hour trip to thomas's mother's new house in brunswick, georgia. i really wanted to run a thanksgiving 5k but i couldn't find one within reasonable driving distance so i made up my own. the topography is flat as a pancake there and i was looking forward to a breeze of a run and it was surprisingly humid and windy. i still pulled off a victory for the home team. i forgot to time myself so i'm sure it was a sub 20 minute run.  
an appearance by my snaggletooth

we feasted and i made two of my best desserts, red velvet brownie cake with fudge frosting and banana pudding. 

thankfully, thomas got a few big assignments THAT DAY  and he worked up until the meal and most of the next day. (don't be a lawyer.)

typical kid shot:

after, we put on comfy clothes and drove to the coast. i wish this picture was a little brighter and the girl's poses were more visible. they are pretty special.

contemplating the eternities.

Reagan's big request for the trip was to go to Petsmart and look at cats. Reagan really wants a cat and Athena Blythe and Scarlett both want a dog and i want neither. i want a cleaning lady. let's put the money there.

and herschel is absolutely adorable. no deep thoughts this month, we just love our kids.


HJolley said...

That baby is SOOOOO cute. I just love him.

And before I even read your caption for that second or third photo, i thought, "Wow, her eyebrows look great!"

Lindsey said...

Oh my word Herschel. HE IS SO DANG CUTE!!! All your kids are. Just like you. Good heavens.

Emily Curfew said...



Jean said...

Heidi, I like to blog-stalk you sometimes because
1) Your kids are so cute and funny
2) you make mom moments hilarious
3) you know my lawyer-wife pain
and bonus #4) sometimes I think I might absorb some of you stylishness.
Hope things are going well for you in Georgia and you have a great Christmas!

Jessica said...

oh my goodness he is SOOO incredibly adorable!! and also, not only are your eyebrows on fleek, but your eyes are also star-gazing amazing gorgeous. :)