Monday, August 10, 2015

back to school jiggity, jig!

back to school lesson plans because i am now so old and wise:
 i like uniforms and i like plans. i own a million clothes but i wear the black, white and gray ones the most. cooking is a necessity that i don't dislike but i also don't enjoy enough. it's becomes akin to chinese torture if have to think about a new and creative meal every single night of the week. the same goes for trying to accomplish daily cleaning tasks. i just have a mental deficiency that doesn't allow me to stay on top of these things! it simply isn't my fault! scatterbrained awareness unite! i decided that in order to take the wailing and tears out of many tasks and because the school year is so hectic, i am implementing a week night themed meal plan, daily chore chart and weekly chore chart:
 souper monday
taco tuesday(naturally)
wrap/sammich wednesday
crackpot crockpot thursday
pizza friday
enchilada saturday
roast beast sunday

i don't care if we get sick of the same stuff, it's infinitely better than eating fast food garbage or copious amounts of corndogs all the time because i couldn't get my act together. plus, nearly identical shopping lists each week with a few changes here and there depending on type of soup, sammich, enchilada whatnot i feel like. plusplus, i can easily make a pound of garlic roasted vegetables in 20 minutes to accompany any meal. 

i'm not in love with the idea of paying children for chores because after childbearing and childbirth and countless diaper changes, i feel like they kinda owe me forever but i'm also not stupid and i realize incentives work. daily chores completed will earn them $2 a week and additional money jobs will earn them 25 cents a pop. i am predicting that the weekly average earned will be less than $3 earned. 

last night before thomas headed out of town, he gave the two big kids and myself a priesthood blessing. i think this is going to be a great year for us. even though i got suckered into being the room mom for scarlett's class because no one else signed up to help AT ALL. i also wanted to be the parent to avoid all class participation responsibility!

the kids were excited for today and nerves appeared to be at a minimum. i was the most excited because my school drop off will only take me 10 minutes instead of an hour!

scarlett styled her own outfit and requested a special high double twisty bun hairstyle for the first day. 

she specially requested a star wars messenger bag that i scoured amazon for and when it finally arrived, it was a messenger BACKPACK. who advertises a messenger bag and it's really a backpack! i was a mom on the edge! poor thing kept trying to wear it one shouldered. i may have to get creative with duct tape and an old seat belt and see what i can construct.

after i dropped off the kids i joined a new gym, worked out, ran a million errands with only two children and then collapsed in my bed for a 20 minute nap after i picked up the big kids. fun times when you are 35. 


lrbodine said...

I do a similar theme night for menu planning and it's the best. Love Scarlett's backpack/messenger bag. And jealous of your short school drop off - I will be living in my car this year.

HJolley said...

I love the "good attitude" chore. That is genius.

Also, my favorite line was: i am predicting that the weekly average earned will be less than $3 earned.

HAHA. I love how realistic you are!

jenna smith said...

Love the themed menu planning -- it works!

I have several messenger bag patterns on my Pinterest board, "Sewing Makes Me Swear." Here's a link to one of them: -- Theoretically, I think it should be easy to convert the backpack into a messenger bag. Adding D-rings on the black part & then a strap through... Good luck. The kids look so incredibly grown up for such a short time gone.

Lindsey said...

Yay for school starting and a super cute family! Great post!

Emily Curfew said...

i love your blog posts sooooooooo much!!

i love your weekly alliterative menu calendar. i will be borrowing some of those ideas.

and i love your spunky and stylish kiddos. truly one of a kinds. :)

cheers to a great school year!!! (with not as much time spent in carpool)