Wednesday, April 09, 2014

conference thoughts 2014

i had lofty plans for this most recent lds conference weekend. i don't go for picture perfect but i still wanted it to be *just right*; full of traditions and baking and family time, a small yard project on saturday morning and of course, the actual listening to the inspired words of the prophet and other servants of the Lord. 

i got up early and had a quick but glorious run through my neighborhood. look at this light! the weather was perfect!
nature's glow! all can be right in the world!

the glorious sky beckoning me home! i was on FI-YAH!!!

 i made a cutesy little egg muffiny thing that took forever to bake.
and then i went to home depot for hostas and a new patio door and one minute i was fine and the next minute i was sssssiiiiiiicccckkkkk. just like that. 

i tried to finish my yard project but by the noon conference start time i was delirious with whatever was afflicting me. 

in the september 2011 liahona magazine, elder Utchdorf stated so wisely that "(we) are entitled to personal revelation as (we) listen to and study the inspired words spoken at general conference.
i've had a lot of heavy issues on my mind the last 6 months and decided to approach conference with extra prayer and specific needs in mind. 
unfortunately, my sudden plague was making this difficult to follow through on. simply taking acetaminophen knocks me out and having to sit still and listen in a quiet room is a death knell for me. i was doomed! 
but i had made a commitment to watch and God did not fail me! though i was wrapped in a blanket and propped up on the couch on a mountain of pillows, God still provided me the answers i needed. 
i've been worried about the direction our family should take on so many things but while watching conference i had the impression that i needed to be fearless. so, i will be 
fearless! elder utchdorf talked about gratitude and i was reminded of how much i truly have.

"I pray because I can’t help myself. I pray because I’m helpless. I pray because the need flows out of me all the time- waking and sleeping. It doesn’t change God- it changes me."C.S. Lewis

i was still in the deepest throes of illness the next day. blythe pee peed on my sweatshirt and tried to force feed me goldfish.

(doc mcstuffins and i were sick on the same day.)

blythe had the time of her life, being naked, eating goldfish on the couch and watching hour upon hour of television while i slipped in and out of consciousness.
i'm better now and i will choose be fearless.


HJolley said...

Blythe's hair is so adorable. June is also at the force-feeding mom stage. Cute except when the crackers are mushy. Glad you are feeling better. I also felt a great boost from Conference.

Jessica said...

love it! not that you were sick of course, but everything else about this post. i definitely felt like i found answers to all the questions i had written out while listening to the sessions. that last picture of blythe is super cute. her hair is adorable. and p.s. i totally spent like an hour yesterday reading through the last year or two of heidiluxe blog posts. i enjoyed them just as much this time around. hahaha. just thought you'd like to know! i miss you and wish we lived in the same neighborhood. along with all our other college besties and friends.