Sunday, January 19, 2014


decembrrrrr haiku

december! where you?
calories and gifts packed in
thighs and kids thank you

scarlett hates when i do her hair but occasionally she comes to me with sunday hair requests. 
a recent hair success was her queen lillian from shrek hairstyle.

lunch with reagan! (and evidence of my cutie addiction!)

brunch with blytheee and daddy. (on a random friday downtown! wild and crazy us!)

introduced the kids to home alone. it only took about 23 attempts before they "got it".

i attempted some craftiness and made this triangle flag garland.

funnel cakes at roper mountain christmas lights!

quality shoe time with blythe. the highlight of the day are her shoe choices for me. these are a fave.

we were invited to a cookie decorating party and i ROCKED IT. not that is was a contest, but i WON!

this stinker made mess after mess after mess.

after i spent 2 hours christmas eve morning cleaning up christmas eve morning excitement barf, we hit downtown and ate at the kids favorite pizza place.  

i was hoping for no christmas eve evening excitement barf.

downtown greenville is the best, especially at christmastime. 

thomas was lucky enough to be able to work most of christmas eve! thank you target debit card identity breach! thanks from all the simpson family! i'd like to punch all you identity hacking thieves in the mistletoe.

each christmas santa claus drives his sleigh around downtown. he's pretty hip.

christmas morning shoe choice. 


there is a local store that sells pretty much everything and then on top of that, junk and more junk. you never know what you'll find and they have an incredible selection of pinatas, hair ribbons, cake decorating supplies and melissa and doug puppets. reagan is a burgeoning puppeteer and his christmas was made. 

top of scarlett's list was a pair of unicorn stompeez. 

shoes. naturally.

reagan the cartographer was able to add to his collection.

and this is how things went...

gourmet sausage breakfast bread:

note to self, this needed a longer time to bake than specified. but raw in the middle is fun too.

santa's cookies:

christmas afternoon at the park:

pajamas all day!

driving to visit family. the happiest she was while conscious. 

desperate measures and the sacrificial tub of wipes.

and the wordless photo dump begins so that i can just hit publish!!!

 caption this using holiday terms:

can you tell i'm wearing a hat?

rode to jacksonville in the back of the yukon by myself. a little gift to myself. i stared out the window and thought about nothing!

we all felt like this waiting 45 minutes to eat.

awesome girl conquered her fear of mcdonald's playland. (me too, they are NASTY!)

danger baby:

the end


HJolley said...

Pajamas all day is the way to go! I especially liked your eyeball cookie.

Julie said...

I'm impressed with your cookie decorating skills! And the number of photos you were able to cram in one post:-)

Jessica said...

hahaha. you make me laugh every time i read one of your posts. loved the matching pjs shot! :)

Emily Curfew said...

you are such a fun mom. and a super funny mom. and your children are evident of that for sure! always love your post and snips from daily life. really feels like we are neighbors... or at least cyber neighbors.

and i especially loved your decorated sugar cookies. youve got mad talent.