Tuesday, October 29, 2013


optional title: smells like 30-something spirit

the #1 reason why i am not a "professional" blogger(other reasons may include lack of widespread popularity, bugaboo sponsored stroller posts, gratuitous pictures of my perfectly coiffed family doing fun things most people can't afford wearing clothing that requires re-mortgaging our home, adequate punctuation and proper capitalization and really great photography featuring my impossible to replicate crafts. other than that, i'm the total package) is my lack of consistent blogging. so, here's the rest of october in a nutshell. (help, i'm in a nutshell!)

thomas and i celebrated the 12th anniversary of our first date on october 19th. like we did 12 years ago, we went to the macaroni grill. i ordered the chicken parmesan again and we talked about our glorious life together.

this was our dessert and it was a total disappointment. i'm at the point in my life that i'd rather make my own dessert than pay for a restaurant to mess it up.

when we got home, all the kids sat on me. who would have thought 12 years ago we would already have it all?(photobomb by the toilet! it is like part of the family.)

in other news, blythe has continued her independent spirit streak. 

she also readily informs us of when she is ready for a diaper change. i think potty training at 18 months sounds pretty swell.

and she never met a bag she didn't like. her faves are the $200 designer bags at tjmaxx. you can't teach that.

i don't know what is going on here:

on saturday the 26th, i ran my 5th half marathon. i spent the last two months "training". i use "training" rather loosely because i ran distance every saturday and that was about it as far as a running schedule. some mornings i would get up before anyone else except seminary kids and go for a quick neighborhood run so that i could still get the kids to school on time. 
my pre-race drink of choice was pepto bismol because i do not like to play games with my stomach. it has one job, get me to the finish line. 

the weather was a freezing 30 degrees, a 25 degree drop from the saturday before. 

i ran with my friend, holly, who ran zero miles in training and signed up the week of the race and did amazing. because she's amazing. it's always more fun to run with a friend. 

the best part for me was the whole fam damily at the finish line. they weren't excited to be there, but i was sure excited to see them! 

since i burned 1,360 calories during the race, i ate everything that i don't allow myself to eat.

deep fried cheese curds!(the pepto bismol was good foresight. i am a prophetess.)

and a double butter cheeseburger.

 my dad used to refer to me as pocahontas growing up because i liked to wear blankets around the house. saturday i needed them to help me stave off hypothermia. it took me hours to get warm again. my southern bones can't handle that!

our church trunk or treat was that night. i wore sweat pants and a striped sweatshirt and called myself a referee. 
my darling, beautiful children were harry("but i'm actually reagan")potter and two bumble bees. thomas was "a casual dad".

they had so much fun and i ate all their skittles and fruit flavored tootsie rolls.

this past sunday i wore an outfit that was almost entirely thrifted and so i feel the need to brag about that. 

genuine red tag levi's jacket- $5.25(i know!)
trina turk button up- $1(for real)
jcrew no. 2 pencil skirt- $4.25(what?)

"i solemnly swear i am up to no good."-blythe simpson


Master P said...

You are one of my favoritest bloggeresses ever, just FYI. Cuz we're bffs in my brain. Also, NieNie's punctuation makes me want to throw up (she's a lovely person, but her use of apostrophes makes me so nauseous). You totally get my seal of approval!

Debbie J said...

Heidi, I too love your blogging abilities. I should hire you to do my blogging. Keep it coming!!

Marci said...

Reading about your October made my day! You are so funny. My favorite part of this post was the Pocahontas comment. I can totally see/hear your dad making some witty comment about your blanket wearing! Also, I think your kids are so incredibly cute and have just as much spunk as you! Thomas is so lucky! Congrats on another half! You really are a rockstar!