Sunday, November 18, 2012

some weeks

some weeks you're can't win for losing. 

last sunday was the primary program at church. scarlett was keyed up and ready to rock that podium with her memorized words of wisdom. unfortunately, the little girl before scarlett said scarlett's line and scarlett cried for the rest of the program. we take this very seriously at our house. bless her heart. 

"making good choices blesses my family by providing us food to eat." -scarlett age 5
she wrote that herself

reagan was also ready to bring down the house with his memorization skills. unfortunately, he woke up sick and slept through the entire meeting then had to be carried out to the car and into the house and then slept for an hour at the kitchen table. he later made a fully recovery. 

"after i am baptized, i will still make mistakes. That is why repentance is so important."- reagan age 7

on thursday i spent the day driving around like a crazy person because BOTH of the big kids forgot to turn in their special thanksgiving lunch money and were not going to be able to eat with a parent. they were both so upset so i tried to amend(even though i did my part by writing the check and sticking in their backpacks) the situation by promising to take them both to lunch that day. 

reagan chose chick-fil-a and wanted to eat it at the kitchen table at home.

scarlett chose wendy's and i had to pick her up at 1015 to get her back in time for classroom instruction. mmm, red onions at 1015. we were the only 2 people in the entire place until i needed to nurse the baby and suddenly a bunch of creepy looking men showed up and sat in the booths all around us. it never fails. 

she wore this pilgrim hat all day. she tried to convince thomas to tie it on again the next day. 

we got the kids school pictures this week. this picture represents the entire contents of their packages. $11 for each. 1 4 by 6 and 4 wallets. yikes bikes. 

this is the funniest thing the kids think i have done lately. i am an under-appreciated comic. 


Emily Curfew said...

what sweet children you are raising, heidi! I loved their primary program lines. and i think it's really cool they wrote it themselves. :-)

Lindsey said...

Poor Scarlett! I would have cried too!

Anonymous said...

I terribly agree about the overpriced school pictures. The lighting was awful but Sam was smiling cute so I bought a 5x7 because to get a 4x6 you had to buy it in a package with 400 other sizes. $8. So dumb.

I'm thinking you might enjoy the code word I'm going to type in as I leave this comment... "133 ufartme". Nice.

Anonymous said...

whoops...that's me, julianne.