Sunday, April 08, 2012

not so great with child

i can't complain but sometimes i still do.
i've hit 36 weeks of pregnancy. 
or should i say, it has hit me.

the darth vader breathing(keeping poor thomas up all night).
the fat feet and fingers.
the shortness of breath when i reach the top of the stairs. 
the nightly pants-off dance-off because i'm swollen and even loose pants require a shimmy. 
the unruly emotions that i should probably obtain a permit to posses because one of these days someone is going to lose an eye. 

a few things that drive me nuts:

1. i always seem to get stuck behind this grandma on the way to school. she drives 20 in a 35 and has at least 7 cars piled up behind her. 

2. no one in our little town seems to understand how to stop at a 3 way stop. this is just a glimpse of how many cars are waiting to improperly stop at this intersection. this has brought me to tears on more than one occasion.

3. this fairly new and mostly reliable vacuum has broken it's belt 5 times in the last month. it may be due to my obsessive pregnancy cleaning. i've cried about this too.

4. i banished this seemly innocuous desk chair to the storage closet because it kept following me around the house and getting stuck under my feet. every time i turned around one of the kids had pushed it into the kitchen and left it there. i think it started to do it on it own. it's lucky i only put it in storage and not out in the street.

on a postiive note, i did repaint another room in the house. like the baby's room, it's also gray. because i love gray. soon everything will be gray. because gray doesn't bother me like other things in this house.


Jess said...

loving the gray!!!

Emily Curfew said...

i love your grey room and that rug.

Jessica said...

i love grey, too! the wall color looks awesome, and i really hope these last few weeks fly for you. "not so great with child" -- love it. hahaha.

Meredith said...

I love the gray!!!!