Wednesday, March 21, 2012

blowout- not the diaper kind

this past weekend thomas and i officially crossed over into the realm of parents who make their kid's birthday too big of a deal. 
but, when no one is renting bounce houses in march and the operator offers a discount and a 2 for 1 deal, you can't help but get a little caught up in the carnival atmosphere. normally, thomas and i are so cheap that i think i'm going overboard with a costco cake and 5lbs of candy stuffed in a pinata.
in my defense, i don't make anything cute or that could be recognized by children as fun or crafty(except babies). i didn't want to spend a gob of money on supplies and then whatever it was naturally wouldn't turn out so i would have to throw it across the room in disgust and then it would have been a complete waste of cash. plus, i don't really enjoy planning parties and all i had to do for this was have a backyard. i didn't have to visit crazytown with party planning stress which also meant that thomas and i got along all day. BONUS. i'm a little unbearable to be around when it comes to anxiety in the first place and being pregnant makes everything extra special.  finally, there was nary a personalized water bottle in sight. 

and we will never be doing anything like this again, unless it's my birthday. 
reagan seemed pretty pleased.
and we saw a LOT of scarlett's underwear.

this what happens when you don't get any sleep the night before your big party and you only have cake and pizza to eat all day and it was a warm 85 degrees
the anatomy of a sugar crash:

not the best idea i've ever had:
but who wouldn't want a baby born in a bounce house? i ask you! it's not that far removed from one of those inflatable water birth tubs. and the whole family can be involved! and neighbors! and strangers!


Jessica said...

dang girl!!! you are officially the coolest, funnest mom EVER. my kids would think they had died and gone to heaven if we got a space walk for a birthday party!

did the sugar fallout last for days?? that's my least favorite part of birthday aftermath.

and p.s. you look so good! it took me a second to remember that you were pregnant and THAT'S why it probably wasn't a good idea to go down the slide. :)

lrbodine said...

Looks like the best party ever! Especially since it sounds like you didn't have to do a lot of extra (that's my kind of kid's party).

And I agree that you are looking great with being pregnant!

Emily Curfew said...

is that your backyard??!?!?! dang girl, i wish i had your house AND your backyard. you make me jealous. i laughed out loud on your comment about seeing alot of scarlett's undies. like mother, like daughter? happy 2-for-1 birthday reagan.

Sarah said...

ok, you get mom of the year award. I want this party for MY birthday!! and by the way you look awesome! baby #3 isn't treating my body as nice :)