Thursday, March 17, 2011

the good wife's guide

thomas showed this to me. he knows how stressed out i have been the last few weeks(months, years) and wanted to give me a few suggestions on what i can do to improve as a wife and mother. you may find it helpful and reassuring too.
thomas is always so thoughtful to me.

*i checked this out on snopes and this guide was never actually published in 1955

which is your favorite suggestion? mine is, "a good wife knows her place". followed
by "be a little gay and a little more interesting". sometimes i need a reminder to quit being so straight and boring. and  OF COURSE, "take 15 minutes to rest so that you'll be fresh when he arrives". a perfect suggestion. i am constantly looking for more things to do to fill my vast amounts of free time. i don't even know why i have so many of my thoughts and opinions on the blog, since "his
topics of conversation are more important than mine." i am constantly just waiting for further orders from thomas on what to do next.

i have a few of my own suggestions(not that i'm that great, just realistic):
a realistic wife knows that her place is in the backyard playing with the kids instead of putting a ribbon in her hair.

a realistic wife will expand her kids vocabulary. "crapius maximus"-when the flying disk lands on the roof.

a realistic wife hopes that her kids make it through the activity with more squeals than screams.

a realistic wife will ignore possible injury to precious ankles by teaching the kids how to jump off the pavers stones in sync with the camera timer.

and then a realistic wife will slave over a delicious birthday dinner of toy story macaroni and cheese and canned peaches, and the kids will open birthday presents.
the great thing about reagan is that he is excited for everything. even clothes. he is his mother's child. he even let scarlett open a bunch of  his presents.
then the realistic wife will put her kids to bed and then lay on the couch and watch netflix shows until she falls asleep at 915. then she will grab a load of laundry to fold, only because they all need clean underwear in the morning and that's really the only way she can stay awake.

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Daydreams and Reality said...

I agree with your attitude!!! Way to go Heidi!!