Monday, February 07, 2011

enjoy to the end

last week in sunday school, the teacher made the comment that sometimes life in life you just have to endure to the end. that's true. but one thing that i have learned in the past year is that it is possible to endure to the end and enjoy it. not an earth-shattering concept, but it hit me like a ton of bricks. though i think the past year has been ridiculously hard on me and my little family, we still we able to enjoy so many little things. and i guess that's my testimony of enjoying to the end. it's possible. lots of things have changed in the past year(states, jobs, callings, family dynamics) while lots of things have stayed the same(thomas' truck, meatball, gospel truths, the fact that i still can't wax my eyebrows without taking off at least half and then having to redraw them back on like i'm somebody's grandma ).

scarlett- loves to carry around nacho, our wooden bulldog mascot. has an affinity for pink and princesses, even with everything that i do to discourage it. likes to have strawberries, blueberries and yogurt for breakfast, just like daddy. has her own room, but sleeps in reagan's room on the bottom bunk. starts most sentences with "actually, i think...".

reagan- likes to turn family home evening lessons around on me,
"mom, what bad word starts with f?"
"mom, what bad word rhymes with scoop?"
or after we learned how to say no to drugs,
"mom, i like to eat drugs!"
"i love beer!"

glad to know my efforts have not gone unheeded.

this is how most of the roller skating went:

thomas- works a lot, which we are grateful for. he coaches the deacon's basketball team for our ward at church. we survived national signing day and he's wondering what he will do for the next 6 1/2 months until football season starts again. he thinks that we may hire someone to mow our lawn this summer. suburbia rocks.

me- my hate/hate relationship with "laundry" and  her horrible little sister "ironing" is ever thriving. i don't hate the carpool line as much as i used to(i AM completely disturbed by the mother who drives the SUV with the GIGANTIC playboy sticker taking up half the back glass. and her sexy b*tch license plate is way classy too. i hope she's reagan's room mother.) i find myself watching the bachelor, on purpose. best comedy on tv. i try and incorporate the phrases, "this is a journey we are taking together is getting so real" or "i definitely have a connection with you" whenever i am talking to people that i have only known for a few weeks. 

we are happy. we like cheese sticks and pudding cups for dinner. we look forward to the next year.


lrbodine said...

Couldn't agree more! Life definitely hasn't turned out like I planned - but it's much more enjoyable if I just try and enjoy the ride.

Nicole said...

Love the post!!! I love you and miss you tons! ANd you are so right on about hte bachelor! I wish we could watch it and take that journey together!! We have such a connection, you and I!! ;)

Jessica said...

i LOVE the bachelor! and i love this post. this has been a stressful past year for me, too, and because of it i've adopted a mantra of "just chill out" and "stress less" for this new year. i definitely need to focus on enjoying to the end. so thank you. and to end on another bachelor note -- you have so many amazing qualities.

thanks for being my friend!

Angie said...

love the post. I definitely need to focus more on enjoying to the end. We're moving again( this time to Texas) so life has been kind of crazy. Thanks for the words of wisdom. :-) Now I need a cheese stick,

Laura Weight said...

Your posts are great! Laughed so hard about the suv mother... Fond memories of parent teacher conferences back in the day!
Heidi! You're amazing! You are great at enjoying the journey! Last year was insane for you, I mean really, but u wouldn't know it, because you are awesome!!!! Thanks for the updates on your family! Your kids are so cute!

Daphne said...

This post was hilarious. Got to love kids they say the most amazing things.
Saw your question you posted on my blog but the email was 'no reply' so this was the only way I can respond...
Southern CA is weird when it comes to weather. It is always chilly in the morning and late afternoon/evening and if sunny can be warm to very warm (but never really hot) in midday. Regardless of seasons really. So in short, dress yourself and the kids in layers. For kids tee, than a LS tee than a sweatshirt. In your bag if you can stick wind breaker type jackets would be good for the late night parade. For yourself definitely a BACKPACK. Don't even bother with a shoulder bag. If another family member can also carry a backpack of your stuff that would be good. If cold you can go with uggs and cute leggings and a disney top. If warm, comfy flip flops or sandals or like me converses. Definitely a lot of walking but more standing (in lines that is). Everyone dresses in disney stuff, so you might want to visit the local disney store or check out sears or even Forever 21 which carries cool disney character clothing. Kids will also want to be dressed in disney stuff.
Oh, and I always pack lunch for us and the kids and we buy dinner there. That way you only spend money on meal and lunch rush hour you can enjoy going to the most popular rides with less lines instead of looking for a table and waiting 30 minutes for over priced chicken nuggets. Pack lots and lots of snacks too. This is when the other backpack would come in handy to carry the food.
I tell kids they get each get to pick one toy/item from the stores and we let them look and think but buy at the end of the day.
Hope you have fun. If you need more tips on rides/shows etc pls email me and send me your email...

Sarah said...

Hey there Heidi! Been awhile! We moved too--we're in Utah now. I have ancestors that come from South Carolina...a lot of mysteries and unanswered questions from that area. Hmm. I enjoyed looking at your blog again--as always you make me laugh and smile. Thanks sis! Love ya.

Kristin and Chase said...

I love reading your blog! You crack me up like no other! Especially b/c everything you say is so true, and yet you can bring out the humor in it.