Saturday, September 25, 2010

i am the happiest mom in the whole entire world exclamation point!

the greatest thing ever has happened.
after much pain, crying and agony,
after much begging and practice and rejection,
after more than 3 years of trying,
scarlett has allowed me to put something in her hair.

my joy is nearly indescribable. i took about a bajillion pictures. she hated it. i loved it. our teenager experience together is looking bright!

she kept her piggie tails(or her headpigs, as she called them) in ALL night. even during a windy trolley ride all through downtown. with a crazy lady sitting behind us. (someone may or may not have told her that she wouldn't be allowed to ride the trolley without pigtails in her hair.)
the men folk also had a carefree haircare trolley ride.

plus, we are on the final countdown with the boot. it's been a good and smelly friend. and we just figured out that it is possible to ride a bike with it on. very very slowly.

in other news, we have a bowl with a dead fish in it. we all love it. it just adds a little "je ne sais quoi" to the ambience of our home. scarlett tries to wake the poor thing up with her recorder. she is so helpful. ps- everyone should have a 3 year old and a recorder. it's awesome. and really quiet. and soothing. dulcet, harmonious tones. all the time. makes everything quiet and lovely. and quiet.


Angie said...

love the piggy tails! I hope she lets you do them again.

Jenna said...

I love the head pigs. Trying to resurrect the fish is a hoot.

Emily Curfew said...

i love pig tails. scarlett looks so cute in them.

HJolley said...

your kids are cute and you are hott! i know you try to avoid getting a tan, but the one you have in that photo looks good on you.

Kristina said...

How awesome to come across your family blog...I have three young children, and it's so inspiring to see other women out there just trying to do the best for their children...

Sarah Gessel said...

Heidi Simpson- I love your blogs. Moving is always hard, but I like that quote about blooming where you´re planted. Sometimes missionaries move too. Sometimes every 6 weeks, sometimes not. I am glad you had a beef jerky picnic. Sounds like a good idea. I´m glad you haven´t grown up too much, b-c I sure don´t want to either.

Merilee via email

MissRochelle said...


Ah Heidi. I miss your face.

And your jokes!

You are so funny. And omg Scarlett is so big!!!! I remember her before she walked! ahh!