Saturday, May 16, 2009

the triangle of no secrets

occasionally i will feel really guilty about my pathetic and short-lived music career. between piano and violin, i probably had about $542584823 invested in my "talent" and only about $4 worth of ability. the guilt was especially difficult to swallow this most recent mother's day. in my youth, my darling angel mother dedicated herself to teaching me and my four siblings the piano. only one child prospered in the piano venture. it was not me. it was heather, our family piano prodigy. i am not the worst pianist,(david takes that title with mark only 2 tenths of a point above him) but i certainly do not have the musical ability that my dear mother sacrificed hours of time and patience to develop.

with this in mind, heather and i brainstormed of just what mother's day gift would most please my mother. unfortunately, the flux capacitor is down right now in the delorean, so we can't go back in time and practice more and work harder at violin and viola in order to become orchestra concert mistresses . as a result we came up with the second best option: a short violin/viola duet concert.

i think she was pleased.
because madonna was right when she sang, "music makes the people come together. yeah!"

we decided on this picture for our album cover. it will be entitled "heidi and heather: music to skin cats to"
our hits include "how great thou art" and "so happy together". sour notes were played, rhythms were treated as suggestions, rests were ignored. and my mother was over the moon with joy.

of course all good plans backfire. at the end of our recital she exclaimed with delight, "oh girls, we really need to sign you both up for lessons again!"
after our concert we loaded up and headed over to our favorite authentic italian restaurant, le jardin de olive to convene for our final triangle of no secrets club meeting for a longlonglong time since heather was leaving us for the bright lights of las vegas. the triangle of no secrets is an exclusive club we beck girls are in. it originated out of necessity because the beck brothers were always so horribly mean to us and we need a way to find solace in our plight. thus the triangle of no secrets was formed. in recent years it has actually expanded to the pentagon of no secrets to include sarah and christine. hopefully someday it will be complete as the hexagon of no secrets when our final member is initiated in.

we ate. waistband strengths were tested. we alienated other tables with our hardened women laughter. a few tears were shed. it was a successful meeting indeed.


Livin' Single said...

i miss our meetings!! this post made me so happy; thanks for putting it up.
i brought my viola with me to las vegas, "just in case." Just in case someone attempts to rob our apartment, I can throw it at them and knock them out. Just in case we are having a s'mores night and are out of firewood. Just in case I start crushing on a music nerd and need to carry it by him a few times so that he will notice me.

Jess said...

Phew!!! Thanks for the extremely needed laugh today! If only I could have been there in person!!

Emily C said...

That is the most thoughtful mothers day gift ever!!!

Stimpson's said...

This post totally makes me miss the Beck's!! You guys are so wonderful! Thanks for the good laughs!

Nicole said...

WEll, one thing is for play better than me!!! ;) I love the "triangle of no secrets". REminds me of the "Circle of trust" from "meet the parents". The Becks are so COOL!!!

Carie said...

I took piano for 9 years and can barely play. (Also, I had a brief flirtation with the trumpet from elementary school through middle school.)

You make me laugh.

Becca said...

I like the album cover photo. You two look great!

Lindsey said...

I want to be a Beck sister.

Julianne said...

The postcard picture thing at the beginning of the post really says it all, I think. Very hilarious! I do so love the Beck's. I love your triangle of no secrets.

What is Heather Beck doing in LV??

Thank you for the chuckles, I enjoyed them immensely.

Debbie said...

haha.. I love that your mom wants to sign you up for lessons again. Hey- I think some talent is better than none, and I am sure your mom feels the same way so she probably does not feel like her time was wasted.

Bonnie said...

I feel like I was there and it didn't cost my waistline an inch. Love you tons, Grandma Williams