Wednesday, June 25, 2008

a snapshot into my thoughts

sometimes i feel like blogging, but i don't know what to say. let's call it entertainment anxiety. what if this blog isn't entertaining? will you hate me? so i thought i would just write my thoughts on some pictures that i have taken recently. i'll try and keep the stories to a minimum. consider this stream of conciousness blogging...

this photo is of the fantastic thomas in front of the saint louis temple. we were able to go on saturday. thomas drove, i slept. i sometimes i amaze myself at my sleeping abilities. i drive myself all the time and i am fine. put me in the passenger's seat and i am dead. i brought several magazines and scarlett's baby book with me to entertain myself on the 4 hour trip, but to no avail. i was dead to the world after only an hour of traveling. during my dreams in the car, i thought i was awake. i was dreaming, "oh, i'll show that thomas. i'll stay awake the whole time. he always jokes about my narcolepsy. well, haha! looks who's got the last laugh now!" and then i would wake up to tell him and realize that i had been asleep for an hour.

the lovely me in front of the temple. my faithful readers will notice that i wear that green shirt ALL. THE. TIME. it's in nearly every picture. i promise i have other clothes. it is just my go-to shirt. everyone has a go-to shirt. this is mine. funny thing is, last summer's go-to shirt i NEVER wear anymore. favorite shirt overkill. after this summer you will never seen ol' green scoopy puff sleeves on my again. also, i always think that when i pull my lusterous locks in a pony tail that i look sophisticated and then i see pictures and i know better. the look is a little more 12 year old gym-chic.

what can't i take a normal picture? seriously. SER.IOUS.LY. bring out a camera and i make stoopid faces. then i am surprised at myself later. it's like i am one of pavlov's dogs. camera=dumb face

my sister is pretty hottt though.

while my son is the spitting image of his father, he got his sleep habits from me. this was after a quick jaunt to the pool with jamey. reagan had a meltdown to end all meltdowns. it was quite unusual since he has always been such a compliant child. mostly. sometimes. anywhooo. there was kicking and screaming and hairpulling. the hair pulling was a newly developed skill that i would like to blame on the bad influences at the YMCA. i should have been embarassed by this outburst, but i kept laughing. it was comical. i felt like a cartoon character. reagan's body was like rubber. contorting and squishing into different positions that seem impossible. perhaps someday he will be a yoga instructor. better yet, a contortionist. i would love to visit him at the circus.

please note meatball patiently waiting for reagan to be completely asleep so that he can steal his crackers.

the end.

or is it?

no really, the end.


Ryan and Julianne said...

Seriously...your dog's name is Meatball. I can't stop laughing.

Good post.

Jeppson Clan said...

can't fault reagan for wanting to keep swimming. it was funny though. i'm jealous you got to go to the temple...i need my family to move here!

Katie Woods said...

Um, so this is awkward, but you don't know me. You might know OF me, but we've never met. I'm one of Heather's friends, and she sent me a link to your blog today, and I think it's hilarious. So I'm totally going stalk-a-razzi on you and adding you to my friends list, okay? To be fair, my blog is at if you want to know more about the creepo who's reading about your family.

:) Blame Heather.

Katie Woods

Livin' Single said...

i admit, i give your blog address out to my friends. i can't help myself--you're hilarious and you sometimes post semi-decent photos of me. it's all self-promoting really.

Sarah Beck said...

Heidi and Heather you are two smokin'-hot chicks. And Reagan asleep by his crackers looks awfully like a dog asleep by his food bowl :)

Paula said...


I laughed out loud the entire time I was reading this. It felt like you were in the room talking directly to me. I too get on a kick with one piece of clothing and then I can't stand it a year later. Very cute shirt though. I just read Heather's blog and I didn't know David was getting married. Fun.

Caroline said...

You totally told on yourself. I didn't notice you wear that shirt all the time. I have on a green shirt right now so we are totally on the same wave link! I hope Scarlett had a great birthday. Can't wait to see pictures!

Cole said...

I popped on over from Mindi and I love it! Serriously good stuff here. I reserve the right to come back often and comment occasionaly!