Wednesday, May 16, 2007

randomness abounds in this post

first- a pregnancy update:
i went to the doctor today for my 32 week check up. all is well. however, i have been struggling with restless legs, mostly at night. i asked my doctor what to do and he said that i should have thomas take a baseball bat to my head because it was probably keeping him up nights too. i decided to stick with the routine i had already been doing. it has been helping so far. at the gym, i do the leg press machine(you know, the one that makes you feel like you are pushing the baby out?) and calf raises and lunges with dumbells and some other stuff i can't recall the name of but they are extensions of some sort and then do 30 minutes on the elliptical. i can definitely tell a difference on the days i don't lift weights than they days i do. my legs are much calmer. hopefully it is not just in my mind. the other thing that helps is resting in my new birthday recliner.

reagan has claimed my new birthday recliner as his own...

...even before we put it together. (pants are so overrated!)
tada... in all it's glory! this recliner has made a world of difference with heartburn, restless legs, and relaxing. plus it rocks, so scarlett will know what it is like to be rocked to sleep. reagan just had to put up with me rocking him without a rocking chair.

pregnancy cravings- banana pops, corn on the cob, milk(soothes my heartburn), corn tortilla casserole smothered in red sauce(does not soothe my heartburn), root beer, handfulls of shredded cheese, julia kilgore's fantastaco soup(murder on my heartburn), baby carrots by the pound, green beans, new potatoes(any vegetable really) and surprise of all surprises ICE CREAM!

my birthday cake. i asked for extra frosting roses. and then i told thomas that we are not sharing this cake. it is just for us. it lasted about 4 days.

in other news:
reagan is now the master of the high five.

reagan has learned a new favorite word: "outside". now i just hang out in my recliner and look out the back door and watch reagan run around the yard. this motherhood stuff is a cinch!

also, he loves this really lame-o french dubbed in english dvd called ABC sing-a-long. it looks like some enterprising parents taped a bunch of neighbor kids in the back yard playing and then put music to it. but he loves it! and that is big news for the boy that only likes to watch regis and kelly. now whenever he wakes up he says, "show? show?"

he is also obsessed with water. his other new favorite thing to say is "hawt wahtter" (hot water).

finally, my doctor has another doctor in his practice by the name of Dr. F. Kim Whittington. very gender neutral. today i noticed that one of the magazine subscriptions is under the name Frankie K. Whittington. now tell me, is dr. whittington a man or a woman? any guesses?

ps-a hint or not a hint- when i was working at washington mutual, we had two clients named eddie king. mr. eddie king and a mrs. eddie may king. we also had a mrs. edgie king. but that is another story.


Jessica said...

heidi, i love you -- you crack me up! its too bad we don't live closer.

i am so impressed with your gym-bunny skills. also, i love your recliner. i am sorely missing my new glider as i sit on the floor in our semi-furnished apartment right now.

ethan loves water as well. which is why he's in love with the pool at our apartment complex these days.

sorry this is so rambling. talk to you later.

p.s. savannah sounds awesome.

Lachelle, Rob and baby Eliza said...

What a fabulous birthday present! I have a rocker in Eliza's room that hasn't gotten much use since she doesn't sleep in there yet . . . I'm impressed that you are still working out so much. I couldn't do that much when I was pregnant! The smells in the gym got too me too much.

Emily said...

That recliner is gorgeous! love the chocolate brown leather!!

As soon as I saw the coldstone picture i started salivating.. but good thing jeremy just made homemade choc chip cookies, and the oven just beeped, and he's pulling out of oven now... yum. i hope we have milk...

Paula said...


Do you get leg cramps? I have never gotten them before and since being pregnant I have had 3 all in the left leg and it hurts for days afterwards. I am impressed with you and going to the gym! I am only walking or working out about 3 times a week now (for a couple of weeks there I would only go about once or twice). I am hoping once school ends that I will have more time. Great chair by the way.

Thomas said...

I must defend my sexyness. More specifically, I want this blog's viewers to know that, in the picture where Reagan is giving me a high-five, I had shaved my head the day before. Thus, I am not as bald as the picture indicates. (But I'm still touchy about my thinning locks). That is all.

Rachel said...

Fabulous Post. Thomas looks like he is running for office, so professional even when bowling! I would vote for him FOR Sure!
I am so impressed with you going to the gym so much, what a role model for women everywhere! :)

Thomas said...

Actually, I had just left work and didn't have time to put on my bowling shirt. But I appreciate the support!

Valoree said...

Love your chair! Looks real cummfy. Have ya'll decided on a middle name for Scarlett yet?

Caroline said...

My guess is that it is a man!

LOVE the chair. I don't know how on earth you survived having a baby with no rocking chair. Sydney and John Evan loved to be rocked!

Keep up the good workouts! I am proud of you!

Meghan said...

I love your chair!! I am so not having another baby until I can have a real recliner!