Friday, August 04, 2006


the simpsons of tuscaloosa took a trip to atlanta this week. thomas spent the week working at nelson mullins(his law firm) and reagan and i played!!! we were able to visit with natalie's familia, check out some outlet shopping and visit a waterpark. And we ate nearly every meal out, so i am now craving something non-fried and out of my own kitchen!!!

everybody seems to always have a drinking picture up on their facebook, myspace, xanga, whatever, so natalie and got some ibc rootbeer and we decided to run with the crowd. don't we look so cool???

reagan always looks like a mad scientist when i put sunblock on his head!

lately, reagan is really into carrying around a blanket. it comes with us everywhere. here he is sharing with everett.

everett and reagan! what cute boys. their favorite activity is slapping each others face! simple pleasures!


Lachelle & Rob Bodine said...

How fun to get to spend a week with friends! And sounds like your boys got along too. :) I love the crazy Einstein looking hair.

Jessica said...

i'm so jealous! i wish i were there with y'all. looks like y'all had plenty of fun.

Caroline said...

Those Root Beer pictures are hillarious and y'all look like naturals. Looks like y'all had a good time besides being crammed in a hotel room.

Emily said...

hey hey. party up girlfriends!!! hook me up! Da ATL is da place to be.