Monday, February 20, 2006

our maiden voyage

actually it's not officially our maiden voyage, but i found that other site that i was doing this on to be too difficult for my limited computer skills. hopefully this will prove to be a more fruitfull venture so that i don't have to abandon this as well.
thomas and i met fred barnes today. fred barnes is the editor-in-chief for the weekly standard and he is also a frequent commentator on foxnews and the mclaughlin group. his speech was most interesting and soon i shall be posting the neat-o picture that we took with him. just a bunch of crazy republicans having some fun!
tonight for family home evening we made cream cheese and crab won tons. delish!

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Caroline said...

By the way-thanks for the terrible case of heart burn after eating them!
I am excited about your blog! I know I will be ebtertained!!!!!!!!!